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Derek Duncan

// The artisan



I have always enjoyed being on two wheels. From racing BMX as a kid, to riding and racing mountain bikes as an adult, or going for a ride on my KTM Duke along the coast in Big Sur or my Honda crf450x in the deserts of Baja, I am always having fun when I’m on 2 wheels.


I’ve always been drawn to winding. I wound my first pickup while still in elementary school. I still remember the feeling of gripping the wire for that first pickup and feeling it unwind off the spool (almost burning at times), while controlling the pressure and guiding the location.


I have been lucky enough to check out some of the most important guitars in the history of music. From Frankenstein, Jimmy Page’s number one, Slash’s Appetite LP, Angus Young’s SG, Lemmy’s Rickenbastard, etc.


I’ve had many awesome concert experiences and seen hundreds of different bands over the years. One of my most memorable experiences was as a teenager, getting to go up on stage with a favorite band of mine, Iron Maiden, and sing part of “Heaven Can Wait.” To this day Maiden is still one of my favorite bands, and I try to catch them every time they are in the area. I try to catch all sorts of different music styles and enjoy quite a variety from bands like Rise Against and Sigur Ros to the guitar rippers in random bars along Broadway in Nashville.


Whether I am designing a part in CAD, winding a pickup, machining a chunk of metal on the mill or lathe, rebuilding a motor, or tig welding, I always take pride in my work and pay attention to all the small details.
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