Our Pedal Story


Artistry Comes in Many Forms

While we are best known for our pickups, we also have a robust and growing family of pedals. The inspiration for our pedal line goes back more than a decade, when we were asked to develop an onboard boost for a Jackson guitar model. That circuit adapted particularly well to a pedal format, and the Pickup Booster was born. Today our team of engineers and beta testers are constantly developing new pedals to help players to find their individual tone. Many of our pedals are designed with a unique feature to open up creative possibilities: special features like Dynamic Expression on the Catalina Chorus, the Insert Loop on the Vapor Trail or the Blend feature of the Studio Bass and Vise Grip. Here’s a video which gives you an inside look into our engineering vision, heritage and motivation.


The Innovation is Just Beginning – Check Out What’s New!

This year we are pursuing a path of never-before- heard creations. One of our newest pedals, the Catalina™ Dynamic Chorus has a traditional analog Bucket Brigade Device (BDD) chorus effect with a twist; when you engage the Dynamic Expression™ feature you can control the strength of the effect by how hard or soft you pick. And our latest pedal, the Palladium™ Gain Stage is designed to sound and – just as importantly – feel like playing through a tube amp, with a selectable boost based on our 805 Overdrive for when you need even more complex gain-shaping. Although claims have been made in the past, we have genuinely solved this complex dimensionality issue.


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