Jeff Loomis Blackouts® - bridge 7 strg, active mount

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Made for Jeff Loomis, this active bridge humbucker is crafted for clarity, attack and body, with a voicing inspired by high-output passive humbuckers.


Jeff Loomis uses his bridge pickup for a lot of different sounds: speed-picked solos, liquid legato licks and aggressive rhythms. He needs a pickup that stays clear under heavy distortion and is able to faithfully reproduce every nuance of his right-hand picking and left-hand phrasing choices. This high-output active humbucker is designed with an Alnico 5 bar magnet and steel pole pieces, and is voiced with a strong pick attack and a pronounced midrange response that allows the pickup to track fast playing very accurately, without sounding thin. The low end is focused to keep the low B string sounding clean and tight.

Jeff tested this pickup extensively on the road with Arch Enemy. Alongside its 6-string counterpart, the 7-string model has been painstakingly calibrated to handle the extended low range of his signature Schecter guitars while retaining the tone and punch that give the pickup its voice.

Available as passive mount with black brushed nickel covers and as an active mount soapbar.


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Seymour Duncan Jeff Loomis Signature Pickups

Jeff Loomis talks about his new signature Seymour Duncan pickups

Tone Profile

  • 1709mV
  • E.Q.

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