Pedal Tone Presests
Dynamic Reverb

Silver Lake™

Silver Lake is a fully programmable reverb workstation, combining high quality reverb algorithms with unique dynamic control and powerful tone shaping options for a deep sonic experience—whether you need subtle sounds or a wash of massive ambience.

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Pedal Setting

  • Mod Room

    Subtle modulation adds depth and interest to the basic room reverb sound.

  • Ducked Hall

    Using Dynamic Expression, this Hall reverb steps back in the mix when you play harder or busier parts, blooming into a more expansive sound when you play softly.

  • Damped Plate

    Dynamic damping clamps down the brightness of this big, dirty plate reverb sound, increasing the range of applications.

  • Dirty Spring

    Adding grit and damping to the Spring reverb sound creates a pleasing Lo-Fi verb that adds moody ambience to your playing.

  • Shimmer Delay

    Adding Pre-Delay to the Shimmer reverb creates an Octave Up Delay effect - try playing single note runs for a cascade of shimmering repeats.

  • Clamped Gate

    Combining the gated reverb with Dynamic damping creates a unique clamped sound with a short decay.

  • Slowverb

    The Swell reverb sound at 100% wet mix will remove the initial attack of your note, allowing you to play violin-like swells. Pre-Delay affects the time it takes to swell.

  • Ambient Delay

    Combining a soft delay line with the Hall reverb algorithm creates a swirling, swelling, blooming ambient patch. Your playing dynamics can be used to create dramatic changes in the amount of reverb ‘wash’.


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