active guitar preamp 11807 20 stdactive guitar preamp 11807 20 std
Blackouts Preamp long shaft_BEAUTYBlackouts Preamp long shaft_BEAUTY





Blackouts® Preamp


Get the searing output of active Blackouts, but with the look of the passive pickups you’ve grown to love.


Product Details


Just swap your volume pot with a Blackouts Modular Preamp. It combines the high-output, low-noise Blackouts preamp with a quality volume pot and our Liberator Solderless Pickup Change System for quick connections. Pair it with your favorite set of passive pickups achieve that Blackouts tone with the look you want. Get your own sound with your own look. This version uses a long shaft potentiometer to fit into Les Pauls (or any other guitar with a thick top). Comes with all hardware needed for installation.

No EQ available


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