The Palladium Gain Stage is a high gain preamp and distortion effects pedal that captures the authentic feel and responsiveness of a high gain tube amp in a compact and tweakable stompbox.

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By focusing beyond just the tonal characteristics of Palladium, we designed an innovative architecture that captures the full-bodied depth and character of rock and metal’s most iconic high gain tube amps. You can use it with a power amp or a clean guitar amp to create your ultimate high gain signature sound, and replicate your favorite classic and high gain amp tones. Or use it in front of a distorted amp to tighten up the attack for rhythms or to increase sustain and saturation for solos.


However you choose to use Palladium, we hope you hear and feel the impact of great tone, body and depth in your unique sound. Palladium features three gain stages: a gain stage to control the overall saturation, a resonance control for low frequency gain shaping, and a boost control that adds overdrive to the beginning of the signal path. These three gain stages allow for a versatile range of tones, from classic rock at lower settings to modern metal at higher gain settings.


The pedal also offers a comprehensive EQ, with bass, treble, presence and sweepable midrange-frequency control, so you can make Palladium sound perfect with any amp.

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Sample Settings

  • MotherJamChainGarden

    Flash back in time to 1992, when people were flocking to theaters to see Singles and the sound of Seattle ruled the airwaves. Aggressive, edgy and articulate – this setting is perfect for tight chording and chunky rhythm work. Step on the Saturation button to kick in a little extra grit for a great solo tone.
  • Brown Sound

    Pull that pointy headstock guitar out of the closet, plug it into this setting and transport yourself instantly back to the Sunset Strip circa 1983. Fans of hard rock and hair metal will love how this setting endlessly sustains for those tremolo dive bombs and two handed tapping sections.
  • 90’s Hard Rock

    Slightly ducked midrange and tons of gain combine to nail the tone of chunky 90’s hard rock. Big bottom end, articulate on the top end and enough presence to cut through a very heavy rhythm section. Kick in the Saturation and move seamlessly into a searing solo tone.
  • Versatile Classic

    Just enough gain to cover the bases from standard blues riffing to intricate hard rock rhythm playing, this setting nails a wide palette of more traditional rock tones sought after by cover band players. Step on the Saturation button to add a touch of sustain for solos. Users can get 6 distinct tones by employing different combinations of neck/bridge pickup, with and without saturation button and full volume/rolled back volume.
  • Modern Thick Lead

    Modern metal and prog-rock master Nick Johnston created this setting to react to his use of the volume knob on his guitar and provide an extremely wide range of gain tones from rhythm chunk to articulate instrumental passages. Lots of edgy gain, and sustain for days, means you can shred your way into bliss with this setting.
  • Aggressive Rhythm

    Conquering Dystopia rhythm ace Keith Merrow uses this setting for everything from heavy rhythm playing to aggressive single note runs. Tight and powerful, just add the Saturation button to peel back faces.

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