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Wavelength™ Volume & Tone Module


An add-on unit for enhancing your control of the Wavelength Solo under-saddle transducer.

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Cable: 2 Cond. Cable Wired To 1/8 Stereo Mini-plug"

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Unleash the power of your Wavelength™ Solo under-saddle transducer with the Wavelength – Volume & Tone Module. This module puts the control of your volume level and tone-shaping right at your fingertips. A short cable connects the module to the Wavelength Solo endpin preamp, then it’s just a matter of mounting the unit to the inside of your guitar’s soundhole with an adhesive strip. No soldering or alteration to your instrument needed!


Not only do you now have control of the volume and overall tone of your guitar, but there’s also no loss of tone or dampening of vibrations caused by batteries and electronics being attached to a side-mounted pre-amp assembly. This module is only for use with the Wavelength Solo: it is not compatible with the Wavelength Duo.

No EQ available


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