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New Guitar Day...

In a fit of midnite shopping on ebay I bought the parts for my first partscaster guitar. Soon after receiving said parts I realized

My top picks... in picks

Maybe I can save you a bit of time and trouble, if you're looking for THE pick, like I have been. I've probably spent a

Did a search. How much is a '58-59 PAF, no cover, worth. decal still on

Hi, It is in great shape, sounds so good it hurts. decal yellowed, a little tear at the corner. What is it worth, in


Allrighty, Now I may get some flack for this one, but lately I've been dying for a Squier Bass VI ….. basically because right now

Is there anything tighter than an EMG 81 for 7 strings?

We tune to our 7s to A standard. I currently have Blackouts and they are great for low volume playing and recording, but at practice

'78 or IM1?

Hi there, This is my first post on this forum. I'm building a Frankenstrat with a Swamp Ash body and maple neck and fingerboard. The bridge I'm

Let's talk neck hybrids

Haven't seen much since the 6 string sentient came out. Anyone building their own versions? I have a jazz neck, should I use the 59

SH-1n: A4 or UOA5?

I just placed an order for both a polished A4 and a polished UOA5. One of them is going to go into my SH-1n

Difference between '59B and JB bridge?

OK, related to my other thread, the title says it all. See, I'm thinking about buying a Jazz/JB set to see what all the fuss is

The world's most valuable electric guitar. Discuss.

(I'm excluding anything ridiculous like a diamond encrusted strat) I think a case could be made that it's Brian May's Red Special. A unique axe

Besides Gibson's Jrs & Specials, what are the cheapest US made guitars available?

Just wondering how CHEAPLY you can buy a US electric guitar. I know Gibson offers the Melody maker, Jr, and Special. but what other brands

Mind-blown: Country Guitar Content

Why have I never heard of this mechanism before in all of my guitar playing years? I feel like all guitars should have 'benders' put

New Guitar Day, Custom Strat Content! Billy Corgan Replica!

This is a continuation of I wanted to build a Billy Corgan Signature Strat, but the one that was sold was far

Share Your Pickup Height for Custom SH-5

Hi All, I was hoping to compare the height of my Custom Sh-5 bridge with other Custom owners. Pressing down on the high and low E's at

New guitar + Alternative 8 = LOW OUTPUT?

I had this pup in a LTD EC series and it had tons of everything. Loved the sound (wasn't nice, rich, or whatever, it was

Synthesizers (non guitar, NIN Related)

Anyone into Synthesizers? I don't mean guitar synths, I mean traditional synthesizers. I've been listening to NIN lately and I got curious about

Difference between '59N and JazzN?

Could someone tell me the difference between the two in a very general way, such as hotter, brighter, warmer, etc.? I think I'm going to trade

Budget ES-335 . . . i think i like this one !

Just saw this 'budget' 335 . . . and i really like it !!! For $1 349.00, what do you guys think about this ES-variant ? What


While looking through the recent "show your strats" and "show your basses" posts I didn't notice any relic'd guitars. Yet, relics remain some

SH-5 custom - too much low end, magnet swap or try a Full Shred

First post, I've been lurking around here for a while trying to learn about SD pickups. Based on the forum post for good pickups for basswood


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