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Antiquity JB - who's using one?

Anyone here pick up an Antiquity JB? I've been trying to track one down for use in my hardtail strat (alder, maple neck/board).

"Delonge" volume control

Hi, Any one here tried the volume knob of a strat further away from the bridge pickup like Suhr, or Warmoth's Delonge position?

Ok, pickup modders. :D I need some help.

I have this Ibanez Les Paul here and the stock Asian pickups are pretty muddy. I am trying to pay off school debt and I'm

Well THAT's different. (new tele design from Fender)

3 tele bridge pickups... Honestly it never even crossed my mind.

Hello! Need Neck Pickup Suggestion for my Gibson SG-Z

Hello fellow guitarists! My first post here. I need your help and suggestions for a neck pickup replacement for a Gibson SG-Z I was lucky

signature guitars = poser or no??

Ive always been kinda shy about signature guitars, unless they have the feature set I want. However, there are a couple of signature guitars Id LOVE

Tommy Thayer Double Cream Duncans

this video just went up last week starting at about 7:40, Tommy Thayer is saying he put some Duncans (both double cream) in his #1 Les

Would this diagram work? 2 vol, 1 tone, 1 Q-filter

Do you see any issue with control interaction with this diagram? I would like a master tone and master Q-filter. Otherwise I could

Best P.A.F re-pros for Flying V

Hey, Looking to get some P.A.F style pups for my USA Gibbo V (67/68 re-issue as they are called) In my Les Pauls I use BKP

If it seems too good to be true, well you know the rest-BUT!!* Time Sensitive*

Hi everyone, I have been looking for a guitar to get me started back playing after almost 2 decades. I have really wanted to get back

How do you plan buying new gears?

Hi, I started learning not much long ago. I have an Ibanez GRGR121EX and an Orange Crush Pix 35 LDX. Not top quality instruments but good

Top Mounted Floyd question.

After breaking a string one time too often, I have decided that my hypothetical next (which I probably won't be buying for at least a

1983-1987 Duncan mystery pickup

Hi! Im stuck trying to ID a pickup. Its Big logo Long leg Base plate (1983-1987) Red poly wire Square hole butyrate bobbin ( no ring like

Thanks Gibson, you're awesome!

Thank you for using just the right amount of glue in the nut slot. Who can count the number of tragedies that have fallen upon

NGD: Ibanez LP for $50.

These normally retail for $400 I believe. It resonates well and plays pretty good. Mahoghany Body, Maple Top. Grover Tuners. Gilbratrar bridge. The pickups are

The Middle Position Of Jazz/JB Is The Best Humbucker Clean Tone I've Ever Heard

So this is probably common knowledge to most of you here....or maybe it's not. Since the middle position with humbuckers is usually, shall I say

Is a Les Paul Studio a "real" Les Paul?

I love the non-carved, unadorned body. If you know me, you know that "simple & clean" is my favorite phrase to describe an axe that

Always temptation is strewn in my path...

Available for SAR 3,600 or around Ł570.00 - MIA Deluxe Telecaster

JB Mods

What all mods do y'all do to a JB? Do y'all have any pics to accompany? What changed when you made the mods? And please

Mr. Duncan, sir. I require your assistance...

... in the form of a custom pickup for this. I have the idea, can it be made..?


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