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NGD: Ibanez LP for $50.

These normally retail for $400 I believe. It resonates well and plays pretty good. Mahoghany Body, Maple Top. Grover Tuners. Gilbratrar bridge. The pickups are

Is a Les Paul Studio a "real" Les Paul?

I love the non-carved, unadorned body. If you know me, you know that "simple & clean" is my favorite phrase to describe an axe that

Mr. Duncan, sir. I require your assistance...

... in the form of a custom pickup for this. I have the idea, can it be made..?

SD Have Been Busy With the YouTube Videos Today

Lots to go at

Do you stretch your strings when installing a new set?

Do you stretch your strings when installing a new set? I don't and i never have but forum member greekdude seems to think its essential.

Say Hello To Black Betty

She's a Squire Telecaster Custom that I bought tonight off Craiglist for $100. The person who had it for sale said there were new

Carvin custom shop price?

I'm severely GASing for a custom guitar right now. I've pretty much set my sights for a custom Bolt Plus, but have no idea how

I have a Question : How would a Set Seths, would work in a Epiphone Dot ....???

I like the stock Pup's, but won't mind having more articulation and not as rounded tone, Am I thinking Right ???? Thanks !!!!

Ibanez RG927QMZ vs UV70P

Both are 7-string, premiums, 25.5" scale, identical neck geometry, identical tremolo bridge. Basically those two guitars must be very similar sounding. Cons of RG927QMZ : - Only

Replicating magnets.

I posted about selling my PAF. In the end I decided to keep it. However, I did call the CS and M.J. answered. She said

Les Paul won't stay in tune

Got it new about 2 weeks ago. I broke down and ditched the 9's that came on it. But it will not stay in tune

Gibson vs Epi LP tone question

I'm sure I'm going to get differing opinions on this, but I'll ask anyway. If you had a Gibson LP and an Epi LP, both of

'59/JB in a strat with 250k pots; what say ye?

Hey guys, Thinking of doing an Am Std strat as an H/H with a '59 neck and JB bridge, two vols and a


What a day. I took the day off because I had to drive my fiance to the airport. She typed in the address of the

SH-4 DCR measurement no where near what is listed.

I understand DCR changes with temperature and other factors, but it's not close. I used my Fluke 189 which is calibrated yearly. I

Neck Bow Back.

Bought a Epiphone neck that seems to have pretty severe bow back. Any ideas on how to undue the bow. I'm going to clamp it

pickup recommendations needed. First post

I'm a long-time lurker but this is my first post. I'm needing pickups for a Chapman ML1 here are the guitar details: HSS rear-loaded Strat style mahogany body, maple

Resurrecting a Charvel

Hey everyone. Id like to know what you would do to this guitar. Pickups, hardware, paint.. etc... It's a 1987 Charvel Model 3A. Specs here. Here

Dimarzio Uses Alnico 4 Magnet in a Humbucker!

Was surprised to see this: Doesn't actually interest me at all as a product, but I thought it was interesting because, to my mind, Dimarzio has


Has anyone ordered from here or a distributor in the recent past? How do their products and prices compare to American Fender guitars? The dollar is relatively


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