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Newbie..Need help matching neck pup to Duncan Distortion bridge

Newbie here. Hoping to go to school on some of you more experienced pick up experimenters. I am putting a Duncan Distortion in a Gibson SG Standard

Custom Custom

On the Custom Custom: General impressions? Has anyone tried it in the neck? Its low bass and high mids and highs (3/7/7 if I recall) would

Alright, can someone put a list together for me?

So, as mentioned in these threads: ! I got some new guitars to work on. I was wondering if someone could put together a list of

Duncan Antiquites - which guitar?

I have a Les Paul with Pearly Gates that I just love. I have another with Seth Lovers that I also love the sound

Rio Grande Mud

Not the ZZ Top album, the pickups ... I quit playing over a decade ago due to an injury that affected my fretting hand and fingers.

Gibson 498T treble scale

From 1 - 9 where would you put the gibson 498T bridge treble scale?

How many frets do you prefer?

I like 24 frets (jumbo) because you have another octave and you can even bend from there. Plus, it's

Just heard Texas Hot demo on YouTube,,and,,,,WOW!!!!

WOW!! What an amazing sounding neck pup! Now my decision to go with the Surfs or the Hots is all the more harder

Whole Lotta Humbucker Set: Bridge vs Neck Mismatch. Is this normal/expected?

Hello all - I just purchased the SH-18 Whole Lotta Humbucker Set, and placed them into my 1990's Les Paul Classic. I am bit taken aback

Voodoo Les Paul

Hey all, I wanted to show off my project (again). I've had it for a few years but here's the whole story: The voodoo series was

New Pickups For a Les Paul Copy

Hey all Looking for some SD pups that would sound similar to a PRS dirty tone, complete noob at pup choices so help/recommendations would be awesome! Thanks!

Guitar project question... Polishing up nitro to a nice gloss finish

Hi all I hope you can help. Been working on my first project for quite a while (learning many lessons along the way!) to make

Forum design vote #4.20 (PhatCat/Z90)

This is still a bit vague on purpose so that we can refine the voicing after the final selection. The winner from this poll will

Forum design vote #4.10 (Humbucker)

This is still a bit vague on purpose so that we can refine the voicing after the final selection. The winner from this poll will

Shoud we have a pickups review thread/forum?

Check out the vault.

No more PRS/Les Pauls for me!

The new Custom Line Caparison Angelus CL15s at NAMM were sick. Found these factory shots of it. What do you think? There

Installed the ssl- 3 today..

God damn this pickup sounds good!! Got it in the bridge with the texas specials in middle and neck. Its darker. And it sounds exactly

Paint alternatives

Hey guys, I recently bought a MIJ Strat, and I am not thrilled about the color. But the guitar is definitely my favorite of

Getting some pickups soon.

Alright, so I just got two guitars from my uncle, they've been sitting in an attic for like 15 years so they're not in the

Alnico 2 pro or pearly gates?

I'm looking to replace the 59reissue in the neck position of my Washburn Idol wi66. It has the VCC fitted so something that sounds good


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