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I think I want a mahogany V in 25.5" scale. Ideas?

The one that got away: LTD DV8-R, Dave Mustaine signature model. basically a King V made of mahogany mahogany neck mahogany body 25-1/2" scale neck-through TOM bridge w/ strings-through body (negotiable,

Ok ladies and gents... HH strat p'ups

As some of you may know, I recently purchased a MP silverburst strat for little of nothing. I took it apart and cut out a

mahogany strat body?

I'm piecing together a new strat and plan on going for the tried and true single humbucker, single volume knob setup. Still debating a

Ibanez 430S II 1990

Well did get this baby the other day. Ever since 87/88 where I tried one S model, in a now long gone store( a red one

How does the '59 sound coil-split?

Especially the neck. Anyone have any samples? I really wanted to put a covered set of four-conductor '59s in my ES-339 Pro sometime in the

Greatest Online Guitar Store

I've ordered lots of equipment from Musicians Friend (more than any other distributor). When it comes to guitars, outside of Warmoth custom builds, I've

CC in the neck....series or parallel??

Anyone tried this? If so, how did you wire it? Since the pu lacks bass (3/7/7 tone chart) will it be a good choice for a neck

Epi LP + SH5 fail - need suggestions for another Bridge pup

First of.. I’m new to the forums when it comes to posting. But you guys helped me a lot in the last years in a

need recommendation for my guit fiddle

I have a Ibanez RG Iron Label 6 specs: Maple top Basswood body Ebony Fingerboard Maple neck with bubinga stripe Drop B tuning Rig: Marshall JCM800 50 watt Bugera 4x12 (soon upgrading to a

Duncan lineup for a Bluesy Strat

We are talking three single coil slots, on a pick guard I'd LIKE humbucking potential in the bridge, but I would also like classic Strat singleness,

Talk to me about buulding....err...assembling.

I want to build, (piece together) a guitar. I've looked at warmoth stuff for years, but I'm curious about other companies that offer similar products

What's a "normal" number of guitars to own?

So I have my eye on a Les Paul Ok... Serious GAS. Problem is, my wife says "how many guitars do you need?!"

Two fulcrum question

Ladies(?) & Gentlemen, From another post, I had a question: With my 2 fulcrum decked, the big plate screws are screwed all the

Odd/Unconventional/Suprising pickup combos

Hi, long time no see :) I was just recently wondering about pickup combos. We all know the very well known and used pickups combos: JB/Jazz,

Custom Custom magnet type....

I have a Custom 5 trembucker that i want to convert to a Custom2. Do i need to buy Polished or Rough A2's?? Also what length

well, i just changed strings on my ARZ800 single cut ...

...after almost 2 years of ownership with the same stock strings daddario 10's. The new set is also daddario 10's. Well, before the flame war

Help: looking for SRV sound neck PU for my Albert Lee?

Hey, first post - great forum! I have often been here, lots of interesting read! I have an Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee SSS (swamp ash

Staggered poles and a modern radius.

Anyone having issues with the D&G poles on SSL-1s having too much magnetic pull? I have two strats I recently installed SSL-1s in that are

Virtus 36 fret - Paint and Clear

Decided to do this out of the blue today and i am glad i did. The colours have really come to life now. Its another

New 2014 Family member pic Q: guitar porn content. ahahah!

HI GUys, this isnt a good shot of my guitars and bass(one guitar left, and my acoustic is also in another room) but its at


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