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How long does it take for you to rust your strings?

I think I have alien acid sweat...I put on a new set of Dunlop Reverend Willy G 7-38 set and after 15 seconds (YES! you

Help Me Pick A Color - PRS CONTENT!

Hey Everyone! So the lady of the house and I will be starting a family in the next couple years. So, this year she and

Beyond hum cancellation, what's the tone difference between RWRP and non RWRP ?

I asked this question elsewhere but didn't really get a response. I guess this site is more appropriate. I want to buy two P90 pickups. I

has anybody tried the gravity storm yet?

Its sunday, I'm hungover and I don't feel like searching. I'm thinking about trying some dimarzio pickups and I was leaning towards the PAF 36TH (or

Pickups annoying problem

Hello everyone. This is my first post to this forum, and I'm still trying to work my way around this place, so please be patient with

I think I want a mahogany V in 25.5" scale. Ideas?

The one that got away: LTD DV8-R, Dave Mustaine signature model. basically a King V made of mahogany mahogany neck mahogany body 25-1/2" scale neck-through TOM bridge w/ strings-through body (negotiable,

NGD, Ibanez edition!

Brand spankin' new Ibanez DT520 Destroyer! This is a limited run for europe. According to the swedish distributor, there will only be one batch for

Pickups for progressive thrash - RG570

Hi, guys :) I spent almost year by slow building my gear. Now I have Ibanez RG570 from 2002 plugged to Jet City JCA50 head (it's

So what's wrong with this diagram?

I followed this Lace diagram. It's supposed to be bridge coil/both/neck coil with a 3-way on/on/on switch. I am using two singles instead

Ok ladies and gents... HH strat p'ups

As some of you may know, I recently purchased a MP silverburst strat for little of nothing. I took it apart and cut out a

Wiring 4 push/pull pots like a Triple Shot

Well, I've considered joining this forum for over a decade and this debacle has finally brought me to do it. Tried searching for a similar

Sycamore as a body wood?

I'm not thinking of buying one of these, I've just never heard of using Sycamore as a body wood. Has anyone else? I wonder what

Neck single coils for metal

Hello. I like the look of neck single coils... and just wanna know what are some good options for that, independent of the rest of

mahogany strat body?

I'm piecing together a new strat and plan on going for the tried and true single humbucker, single volume knob setup. Still debating a

Ibanez 430S II 1990

Well did get this baby the other day. Ever since 87/88 where I tried one S model, in a now long gone store( a red one

SD P94

Hi Guys, I have a (what I have been told) SD P94. I have found no information on this and wondering if anyone can help me. Thank

How does the '59 sound coil-split?

Especially the neck. Anyone have any samples? I really wanted to put a covered set of four-conductor '59s in my ES-339 Pro sometime in the

Greatest Online Guitar Store

I've ordered lots of equipment from Musicians Friend (more than any other distributor). When it comes to guitars, outside of Warmoth custom builds, I've

CC in the neck....series or parallel??

Anyone tried this? If so, how did you wire it? Since the pu lacks bass (3/7/7 tone chart) will it be a good choice for a neck

Epi LP + SH5 fail - need suggestions for another Bridge pup

First of.. I’m new to the forums when it comes to posting. But you guys helped me a lot in the last years in a


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