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How do you Identified The Gibson's "T-Tops"

I took this Pickups out of an 82 SG, and I thought they were double Back 490's, But in the back Plate, they have a Letter

New Guitar Day ES-335 Gibson Content W/ Sample

I played about (25 Twenty Five) ES-335s over the past month: New, Reissues, Vintage and Other Brands such as Collings and Heritage. The historic 50th

What is the MOST versatile pickup Duncan makes?

This is a prelude to a poll. What I'd like you to do is list the TOP THREE pickups that you think are the

JB is driving me NUTS!

First of all, Guitar: ESP Eclipse I CTM FT (Mahagony body, maple top, mahagony neck, ebony fretboard) Pickups: SD '59 neck, SD JB bridge Amp: Yamaha THR 10

One of my favorite guitars

Just finished a "makeover" of sorts on this strat, and I took a quick crappy pic for you. :D I picked this 1990 Strat Plus DX

Dime bucker vs Drop n Gain

title is straight forward. I want to make my tele (mahogany body, rosewood, bridge humbucker) scream for a pop punk, punk rock, heavy metal hybrid

The Resurrection of Ernie

Hey guys. Here's another guitar that needs a bit of help. It's a 1990 Ibanez RG 570 body (basswood) with a custom, all maple Warmoth neck. The

Tap that Coil?

Ok. Here goes... Coil tap and coil split is not the same (relatively new knowledge to me). Coil split is turning off one half of a

Question about fret wear

Hey all. I came home today with a used stratocaster and when I tested it out at the store it was awesome. Sounds great, plays

Duncan Designed Pickups ...

What exactly are "Duncan Designed" pickups? I know they are installed on less expensive Fenders and nearly all Squires. Can anyone clear this mystery?

Antiquity JB - who's using one?

Anyone here pick up an Antiquity JB? I've been trying to track one down for use in my hardtail strat (alder, maple neck/board).

"Delonge" volume control

Hi, Any one here tried the volume knob of a strat further away from the bridge pickup like Suhr, or Warmoth's Delonge position?

Need advice on 3 pickup PRS

Hi, I am considering getting an old Zack Myers SE, which comes with 3 humbuckers. The idea is to change pickups and modify the switching,

Ok, pickup modders. :D I need some help.

I have this Ibanez Les Paul here and the stock Asian pickups are pretty muddy. I am trying to pay off school debt and I'm

This looks pretty beauty to me

even though purists will complain it's a poly finish I'm digging the look and components for the pricepoint that sonic blue is purdy

Well THAT's different. (new tele design from Fender)

3 tele bridge pickups... Honestly it never even crossed my mind.

Hello! Need Neck Pickup Suggestion for my Gibson SG-Z

Hello fellow guitarists! My first post here. I need your help and suggestions for a neck pickup replacement for a Gibson SG-Z I was lucky

signature guitars = poser or no??

Ive always been kinda shy about signature guitars, unless they have the feature set I want. However, there are a couple of signature guitars Id LOVE

Tommy Thayer Double Cream Duncans

this video just went up last week starting at about 7:40, Tommy Thayer is saying he put some Duncans (both double cream) in his #1 Les

Would this diagram work? 2 vol, 1 tone, 1 Q-filter

Do you see any issue with control interaction with this diagram? I would like a master tone and master Q-filter. Otherwise I could


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