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Latest Threads

Original 1952-1954 Fender Telecaster Serial #1424

I just inherited a Original 1952-1954 Fender Telecaster Serial #1424 from my Dad. I know its all original can someone tell me what a

Have any "cheap" guitars that surprisingly plays/sounds awesome?

I got this Yamaha Pacifica for free. Some guy was giving it away on Craig's list. It was all apart. Missing the nut, pots, switch

JB neck version, the SH-4N

Seller says it's a rarity; certainly I've never heard of it. What does it sound like? Anybody here played one, or know the specs on

Anyone find they play better on less expensive guitars?

This may have been discussed before. If so, Im sorry. I did a search and didn't find anything, but may not have put the

NGD: Warmoth Carved Top Regal

Well the long awaited NGD is here. I first envisioned this guitar years ago and finally was able to place the order back in April.

I did do a good search, but

Hi, Looked up spacing on a SH-2 and there was no middle treble screw to middle bass screw. I searched Duncan files. So

Demon 8

So needed a bit more power and cut through the mix than my Pearly Gates bridge. This was going in my same old Epiphone Les

New Skull and Bones guitar, made of basswood...pickup recommendations...

Just got a new Skull and Bones guitar (think Lynch, lol) and it's made of basswood. Thinking about a Duncan Distortion for 80's metal.

Epiphone Wildkat Pickup Upgrade

I want to upgrade the pickups in my Epiphone Wildkat. They are really dark and muddy sounding. I know about the wiring deal and plan

Are the new Gibson guitars here to stay?

The new Gibson guitars with wider fretboard brass nut and all that.. Is this here to stay or is it something they "tested" for the

Swapping an epi bridge

I got a Gotoh bridge for my Epi. It came with the seats, posts and bridge. Do I need to replace the seats?

HSS Strat Grounding Issue?

Hi, I am making an Hss squier strat with an SD '59 in the bridge. I wired it in as shown on diagrams, but there

High Gain pickup choosing, sorry but please help

So the story goes that it's my birthday very soon and I just bought myself a new guitar amp. The amp in question is a

NGD.... Ibanez Partscaster!

Here is my 1987 Ibanez Saber with a Warmoth neck and Gotah locking tuners that I recently bought from SrDeMaFp. The neck feels fantastic... And looks

How bad are these!?

how bad are these 3 way switches? I just ordered a H-H harness from Szcechuan ( with two you get eggroll) for my Jackson

JB and 59?

I'm looking into upgrading the old "mudbucker" pickups on my 09' epi standard. After rewiring with new pots and caps they arnt too baf, but

Another 'What pickup should I get?' Thread, I'm So Sorry

Hey guys, this is my first thread on here wooohooo :laughing: anyway, I'm in the market for a new pickup and wanted to get opinions

Best Way To Strip A MIM Strat?????

So for my next project I'm going to be stripping a 99 MIM Stratocaster down to bare wood then it's going to be re-sprayed with

A blast from the past...... NGD

Back in the early 80's I wanted one of these when I got my Artist 300.... So although it's a bit beat up I got

Classic frustration....

Got an Epi Les Paul Tribute. Came with Gibson 57 classic and a Classic plus in it. Comes with coil taps, Locking grover