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Latest Threads

SD SL59 with 5 Way Split Wiring

I have finished installing 2 SD SL 59 and 1 Mighty mite rail on middle following the diagram on SD website everything is working except

Swapping Magnets on a Set of Ibanez Powersound Humbuckers

Hi. Any opinions on swapping magnets on a Ibanez Powersound 1 Neck and Powersound 2 Bridge? I'm going to swap the magnets of my Hot Rodded Humbucker

NGD as soon as I pay off the layaway..

I know... I shouldn't get any more cheap guitars... I'm sorry guys... :17: I just couldn't help myself. Especially with the 10 month layaway.. ESP LTD H-400

Alternative brands to Gibson

I kinda want another Les Paul, one a bit nicer stock than my Epiphone and in a nice dark burst. USA Gibsons are out due

Tell me about Custom Custom

Hi, I'm looking for info on this model, as I recently bought one. I read somewhere that is based on a pickup Seymour did for


i just got a randall rg1003h solid state head and i love it. i'm not loving the emgs in my guitar. i've been thinking of

swapping magnets is FUN!!!

I did two magnet swaps last night and they both sound good. I put a A2 in a JB wow what a difference. And then

Alnico III vs IV?

Which is a stronger magnet and where do these sit compared to the strengths of II and V? I see conflicting reports all over the internet

spin a split question

Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. My question is when using a spin a split control, does the control work backwards? To

I tried a JB/59 not my thing

So I bought a carvin v220 which came with a JB/59 combo. I tried them and A/B them to my crunchlab/liquifire and my Dactivator/air norton.

Gibson 500T vs. Duncan Custom

Hi all, Been trying out the Custom line and Gibson's "PAFs" (I say that because every PAF thread seems to end up with someone saying "X

To sell or not to sell..

I've had this guitar for quite awhile, and I love it. However, I very rarely play it, and never in a band type setting. It's

Screamin Demon, TB or SH to reause it on different neck or bridge?

I have two Strats with Floyd Rose bridges, one is FloydRose II birdge and the other is the FloydRose Special (stock in MIM Charvel 2014).

Income NGD – Wayne Charvel Swamp Ash

Turns out the Pawn Shops in Nashville have vastly superior gear for sale than the ones in Atlanta (at least that I've been too.) Found

JB pickup MOD instead of swapping out for new pickup through custom shop

Hi Guys and gals I have a question instead of me building a pickup from the ground up through the custom shop at SD would

Refretting an Ax.....big change of plans.

I was asked to re-fret an Ibanez Model 1910, few of these out there, aprox from 1971-72. The refret was going to be normal, untill

Picking a neck pickup to pair with a 59CH

I think the 59CH looks to be a great pickup for a versitle for the bridge position, but I'm still looking for the right

Lace Deathbuckers. Are they worth it?

Title. I've been looking to try something new in terms of both sound and aesthetic. I haven't seen a whole lot of convincing videos on the

Seymour Duncan Humbuckers

Hello, Does Seymour Duncan make a 2 wire humbucker? Looking for moderate

NFTD - New First Tele Day

2010 American Standard. Black wouldn't have been my first choice, but I wanted a maple board and I got a ridiculous deal on it. I had