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Latest Threads

NGD - Old school 80s Shredder

This guitar was quite the find, well sorta. It fell into my lap. I bought it from my buddy for $200. Story behind it, from

Defence of the holy EMG 81! (My experiences)

I'd just like to post some points regarding a lot of peoples unfair criticisms of the EMG 81 pickup in the bridge, and compare my

Anyone ever seen this Epiphone?

Saw this Epiphone for sale at a Pawn Shop, the pencil logo makes me question the authenticity of it ;)

To warmoth or not to warmoth...

I have the opportunity to either get a model from the PRS S2 line or build a WGD guitar from warmoth. The PRS models I

NGD: Schecter Banshee!

I just got this Schecter and man it RIPS. I love this guitar, previous owner took out the SDs and put another set of SDs

57 classic vs whole lotta humbucker bridge

Who has experience with both? I have a WLH on order coming in tomorrow, will the WLH make my 335 sound a bit more like

Another Pickup for LP style guitar.

I have an LP style guitar. An Agile A2000 if you will actually, mahogany body, set neck, rosewood fingerboard. What would any of you recommend

The Pointy, The Whole Pointy, and nothing but the Pointy help me god. ONLY Pointy Guitars allowed in this thread. Sure, I'm a control freak, whatever ;The guitar MUST HAVE A POINT! For example, a

Vintage rails seems really, really vintage. Too much so.

Hey guys, I got a build together, and have the 59/Custom Hybrid in the bridge and the Vintage Rails in the middle. I'm feeling like

Oh you guys are gonna loooove this...

Check out what just popped-up in my neck of the woods: It's too much money for me at the moment (and I'm not sure I'd pay



Well im new and wanted to show off my King Custom build the SLUG SLIME built around the slug pickups the spec sheet 24 fret 24.75 scale,

NGD: Epi LP plus top pro

For a while I've been needing a humbucker guitar, since I sold an Agile AL-3000M last year. Went into GC and played two epi LPs, two

Top options for schecter omen6 extreme

So I just picked up a omen 6 extreme. Nice guitar and got it for dirt cheap. Stock pickups are decent but wondering how big

Gibson Firebird blue capacitors?

I've got a 2014 Firebird V that I got last year (posted pics back then). Anyway, i finally opened the control cavity & noticed it

Replacing a Wilkinson USA trem with another style???

Hey all, I have recently snagged a Godin Artisan ST Signature that came stock with a Wilkinson USA tremolo on it. I am looking

HH Telecaster Replacments

Hi all, first post... I have an HH Tele(alder body, maple neck, rosewood board) and I'm ready to change out the pups. I mainly play

alder strat with SSH

hi guys, I have a strat with a alder body and a maple

Need Info on North & South Resistance

Anyone know what's the North & South Resistance of these humbuckers? Hopefully its measured around 25°C, 30°C would be perfect because I live in much

Demonize a Perpetual Burn Humbucker ?

Wonder what would happen if you took the hex screws out of a Screamin' Demon and put them in the Perpetual Burn Humbucker? I don't