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JB + 250K Vol and Tone = a better JB

I've said it many times here, but I was never a fan of the JB in the bridge. That changed when I wired up a JB

Need a pickup recommendation for my Ibanez AFS75 T

I am looking for a PAF/Vintage sort of tone but with good dynamics and attack response for my semi hollow. I am looking into Seymour

Duncan Distortion - Super Distortion blend

Is there a pickup like this? TONE Wanted : blend of Duncan Distortion ("DD") and Dimarzio Super Distortion ("SD"). The Duncan Distortion

Honk if you found your tone !!!!! The story of your favourite gear...

Hey everyone, so most of us here are really obsessed with tone and have been spending unreasonable amounts of money on gear only to sell it

Interesting NGD (Encore)

So, I work at a gas station, and a regular customer came in today, saw my guitar sitting in the corner, and offered to give

Differences between Jackson DKMG and DK2M?

I'm looking at a Jackson DKMG with EMG 81 and 85 and a DK2M with Duncan JB and '59. The DKMG is $200 and the

Order the following Tone influencers. What do YOU think?

Lot of discussion on this. Let's see what people think…. I want you to order the following items on WHICH will influence the tone the

Well well, Gibson has lowered prices on its 2015 line...

I note that all Gibson 2015 models are significantly lower in price in the new catalogs. The Les Paul Standard is 500 dollars cheaper. Could

How to wire a 3-Way Switch?

I finally got everything on my Dean VMNTX hooked up but now all 3 wires on the pickup selector are off and I have no

'91 LP Studio "Yellowed"

Ran across this one a couple weeks ago and put it on Layaway until it clears 30 Day Resale Hold. Wish the front was as

Wowzy, i was right about gold hardware

i really REALLY dislike it think i'm going to post a trade in the classifieds

Just made a 5-4-2 single coil pickup

While rummaging in the garage looking for something, I found a cheap single coil pickup that I took out of the bridge of my orange

Explore The NEW

As many of you know, for the last several years we have been working on completely re-designing, replacing every single soundclip, image and organizing

Undercover Or Exposed

Hey, is there a huge difference with Humbuckers that are exposed and those that have the chrome covers? And is it difficult to remove the

Seymour Duncan pots

It does not matter if you purchased the both

Stoopid wiring question

Any logic behind not trying any/all of the following (obviously not all at once): - 4-conductor pickup where each coil wire runs to the outer terminals

Does anyone disconnect their tone pots?

So I had the tone pot disconnected from the bridge position on my Les Paul studio, so the pickup now goes straight to the volume,

Flipped the Antiquirty Humbucker?

Hi.My Antiquities have just shipped. Should see 'em in about 10 days. In doing all the research had read that some found the neck position

PTM builds a Tele

I've gone and done it, I have yet another Telecaster. This is my first build though. It started when I bought a used MJT body

Alnico II Pro with an A5 Magnet - Neck

Hey guys. What would an A5 do to an Alnico II Pro Neck pup? Would it yield more cut in the mids and highs? A