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Duncan lineup for a Bluesy Strat

We are talking three single coil slots, on a pick guard I'd LIKE humbucking potential in the bridge, but I would also like classic Strat singleness,

Talk to me about buulding....err...assembling.

I want to build, (piece together) a guitar. I've looked at warmoth stuff for years, but I'm curious about other companies that offer similar products

What's a "normal" number of guitars to own?

So I have my eye on a Les Paul Ok... Serious GAS. Problem is, my wife says "how many guitars do you need?!"

Two fulcrum question

Ladies(?) & Gentlemen, From another post, I had a question: With my 2 fulcrum decked, the big plate screws are screwed all the

Odd/Unconventional/Suprising pickup combos

Hi, long time no see :) I was just recently wondering about pickup combos. We all know the very well known and used pickups combos: JB/Jazz,

well, i just changed strings on my ARZ800 single cut ...

...after almost 2 years of ownership with the same stock strings daddario 10's. The new set is also daddario 10's. Well, before the flame war

Staggered poles and a modern radius.

Anyone having issues with the D&G poles on SSL-1s having too much magnetic pull? I have two strats I recently installed SSL-1s in that are

Virtus 36 fret - Paint and Clear

Decided to do this out of the blue today and i am glad i did. The colours have really come to life now. Its another

Say Hello To Rosie

When I saw this guitar this morning on Craigslist I was thinking it was a Kramer or possibly a Carvin. When I went to

Gibson SG - Replace Burstbuckers, Whole Lotta Humbucker?

Hey there, I recently acquired a fantastic Silverburst SG with Ebony fretboard, Burstbucker 1 and Burstbucker 3 non-potted pups. I love everything about the guitar, except

Blog: The Jason Becker Perpetual Burn Humbucker Demonstrated

Click .

Custom with big ceramic has turned my Les Paul into a beast!

So I experimented with the custom and the big ceramic a couple of years ago. I remember really liking it but I only used it

Kramer E.E. Pacer Imperial

Another Kramer...shocking I know!!! :) Thinking I'm going to build this one out next...E.E. Pro I Neck that I was going to sell and a


They are sold exclusively by Guitarguitar - has anyone played one or have further info? I did check out the Guitarguitar site but it has a

J.Beck new pups?

Hey, There is a couple pictures in the new G.World mag that shows Beck with 3 sc pups that have writing on them,

Thinking of some changes for my Strats

I have a couple of Strats that I'd like change up a little and need some advise. First, is a Squier Strat I bought a few

Legitimacy of LTD EC-401 Seymour Duncan Pickups

Hey guys, how are you doing? So i'm interested in maybe purchasing a LTD EC-401 i saw in a store here in my country. The

Incoming dream guitar day!

I've always been a huge fan of blink 182, that was the music I grew up on.. Blink 182, green day, nirvana, all those good

Acoustic guys….

So I saw an Acoustic that was originally a RIGHT hander, that had been converted to a LEFT hander. Part of the way this was done

Gibson SG pickup change

Hi. I have a Gibson SG standard with a 498T and 490R. Just got a Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra to run it through. Gibson pickups sounded


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