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Latest Threads

Another 'What pickup should I get?' Thread, I'm So Sorry

Hey guys, this is my first thread on here wooohooo :laughing: anyway, I'm in the market for a new pickup and wanted to get opinions

Best Way To Strip A MIM Strat?????

So for my next project I'm going to be stripping a 99 MIM Stratocaster down to bare wood then it's going to be re-sprayed with

A blast from the past...... NGD

Back in the early 80's I wanted one of these when I got my Artist 300.... So although it's a bit beat up I got

Neck pickup for a Schecter Omen Extreme 6 FR

Hi there, I'm about to buy a Schecter Omen Extreme 6 FR and will replace the stocks pickups. The bridge position is going to be a

This could be a Craigs list steal. Is this a case of them not knowing what tbey have?

What Does A REAL Idiot/Musician/Guitar Player Do When Their Water Heater Goes Bad?

Take cold showers, and buy a new guitar, of course!! LMAO!!

For all you Jimmy Page fans, here's a GAS inducer!

I saw this and just had to share, how can you go wrong....

Mods do not add value to a guitar.

So - if I buy say a new Epiphone LP for $300, upgrade the pickups, re-fret it, change the bridge and all the pots and

My DIY project for the weekend.....Axe rack

Made out of 3/4" PVC. Total cost of around $25. My little corner of riffage.

First Guitar for a friend

I brought my 05' Squier Strat in to school for orchestra, and played at lunch with my friends. Well I got one of my close

TB-14 Custom 5 Questions

What are your thoughts on this pickup? Love? Hate? I'm thinking about pairing it with Fender Fat 50s in the Neck and Mid--good/bad idea?

bolt-on neck is slightly loose in neck pocket when not screwed in

just got a neck for this project i'm working on. its slightly loose in the neck pocket. is this really bad?

What's Your Favorite bridge "Hot PAF" from Duncan and Why?

Looking for one and I know what I would get from various other manufacturers, but I'm wondering you you guys would choose from Duncan's line-up

New build - Right hand reverse strat

Hey all. Long story short, I started a 2 year guitar building school. Most notably everyone that works for have graduated from here

Bridge Pickup Advice - SSS to HSS Fender Strat Ash

So I recently posted about getting a Fender USA Strat, Maple+Rosewood Neck on an Ash body. Currently I have it loaded with Fender Fat 50's

Thinking about trying 50's wiring again and some other questions

I've tried the 50's wiring before (like 7-8 years ago) and I recall not liking the way the controls responded, but I came across a

Got Me a New Tele and The Pickups are Meh....

I bought a new Fender James Burton Standard Tele. The guitar itself is absolutely killer. The only thing I might change is the

NGD: HSS modding platform

Bought this the other day. The previous owner has done his fair share of moddinn: pickups, pots, switch, bridge, etc... I'm gonna replace those (except

NGD Ibanez ART300

Saw this in the local music store CL ad. Couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Went to the store and played

Problem with my new WLH neck.

I installed a new WLH neck pickup with a coil split and phase switch, done according to . The split and out-of-phase settings work perfectly