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GUITARDiamond/DBZ has teamed up with Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory to create the company’s first ever signature model guitar, available in two different finish/wood combinations – and you can win one with the signup form below!

The two models are Kona Brown – with a flamed Maple top over a Mahogany body with a Mahogany neck and Ebony fretboard – and Black Moonrise, with a flamed Maple top over a Maple body with Maple neck and Ebony fretboard. Each guitar features 6-string Pegasus and Sentient passive humbuckers, volume and tone controls with a 3-way switch, and a Floyd Rose bridge. Zoltan’s custom inlay spans the space from the first to the third frets.

The Pegasus was developed for modern metal and progressive players who need plenty of aggression but with enhanced dynamics, more harmonic richness and defined string separation so individual notes don’t get lost in the mix. And the Sentient blends vintage PAF and modern tones with enough output to deliver harmonically rich distorted leads but enough subtlety to give you deep, detailed cleans.

Although Zoltan has just made the switch to Diamond/DBZ guitars, he goes way back with Diamond – he’s used their amplifiers for over a decade – and we welcome him to the Seymour Duncan family (where he joins his fellow 5FDP guitarist Jason Hook).

Update Dec 1st: Congratulations to Chip of Connecticut on winning the guitar.

Check out to DBZ and Zoltan’s Facebook pages.

Contest rules: Open Worldwide Employees of Seymour Duncan or DBZ (the Sponsors) or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or agencies, or members of their immediate families, or persons living in same household of each, are not eligible to enter or win 🙁 Entrants under sixteen (16) years old must obtain parental consent before entering the contest. Such consent may be given via e-mail or regular mail to the Sponsor (on SD’s Facebook page will suffice), which consent will be confirmed by the Sponsor. Contest is subject to all national, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winner is responsible for all taxes and customs fees associated with receiving the item if shipped internationally. Sponsors are not responsible for injuries resulting from sudden joy of winning this guitar, including but not limited to: backflips, stage-dives and prolonged bouts of headbanging.


Diamond-Guitar-ZB-FR-Black-Moonrise zoltan-signature-ad

Written on November 18, 2014, by Peter

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  • MichaelPerkins

    Too damn Cool, Thanks for a shot at it..

  • Asier


  • Rick O Shea

    Gorgeous guitars

  • Federico Chavero

    Beautiful…i want it

  • luis horavio

    Beautiful guitar

  • Matt

    I want one!

  • Dexter Fernandes
  • Neil Axey Bulman

    Beautiful….. :-p

  • Angel Tejon Garzon

    Wonder guitar!

  • Great Guitar COOL!!!!

  • Kenneth Teiken

    VERY NICE GUITAR (DROOL) I have never won anything though so :/

  • jimmyherzios

    Beautiful design!!

  • Roglamy

    Wow. Doesn’t he have a photo on his Instagram page of the guitar he gave his girlfriend as a gift? This was you guys right? Pink gorgeous guitar.

  • Soumya

    Nice guitars

  • steve purdie


  • Hudkins Cayabyab

    Please pick me please Pick me.. I Wish this guitar will be my christmas gift

  • Gabriel soulmusic

    Thanx …I wanna be a one self entity with that perfect guitar

  • Terry Lyons

    The Dragon needs one!!

  • Wow bad axes. This cancer survivor would love something like that.

  • Zsolt Kasza

    Oh my fucking god *0*

  • Bnoyz

    Dig the finishes. Would proudly play at future shows.

  • Hudkins Cayabyab

    Please pick me please Pick me.. I Wish this guitar will be my christmas gift

  • Hudkins Cayabyab

    Please pick me please Pick me.. I Wish this guitar will be my christmas gift

  • Fredrocks

    These are some sweet guitars.

  • Patrick Reyna

    Me want

  • Hudkins Cayabyab

    I wish one of these guitar will be my christmas gift Please pick me.

  • i always loved you Seymour Duncan since i was a kid !!! and Diamond your AMPS are on TOP of my WISH LIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • built by my lefty hands ,, simple called it ” The Jimi ” with seymour duncan pickups installed

  • Bill Cesavice

    rad ax

  • Anton LaVey Jr.

    I will sacfrice a furby in name if The Lord Satin to put thr favor of this contest in my court.

    • Leah Conder

      satin? lmfao

      • Jordan Capone

        The Lord of satin sheets

  • carltodasco


  • James Cox

    Eargasm at the guitorgy.

  • shawnoh1

    Awesome metal machine axes!! Beautiful!!

  • lipps

    If she plays like she looks………watch out !!!!!!!!

  • Thejaguar

    It would be sweet if I won this for my birthday.

  • HappyAtheist

    Uh-oh there goes my GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome) again!

  • Carroll Simons

    For my grandson who loves you as did his uncle who we lost a year ago. Knuckle up.

  • j dog 1


  • Andrew Snovell


  • Daniel Wilson

    I would love to win one of these.

  • Sue Williams

    Would love to win would be my best christmas ever thanks!♥

  • Mark Hodge


  • Ryan McCloud

    Holy crap this would be a dream come true. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  • LeonS9671

    Just picked up a set of Seymour Duncan’s to upgrade my 1st Epiphone I’ve had for over 40 years. Thanks for making it all possible with the best electronics made.

  • Mr Ambivalent

    Awesome looking beast. I like the way the whammy bar reaches all the way up to the fret board.

  • stringbender11

    Gorgeous axe! I’ll rock that hard if I win it. 😉

  • Darlene

    Gorgeous….what woman doesn’t love diamonds.

  • Beautiful, I want to make it laugh and cry.

  • Jeramiah Harris

    I like the wood grain and metal to accent those seymour duncans sharp lookin instruments.

  • quiazimoto123

    Great guitars, if I had one these they would be my #1!!

  • dtg1991a1

    Would love to have one of these for writing my sweet classic rock style tunes to or for cranking out some loud metal from time to time just for expression!

  • basty

    I Wish this guitar will be my christmas gift

  • JohnPl

    Oh,if I win it,I am totally doing all of the sudden joy reactions….record them and put them up for all to see!

  • Lucho

    She´s the perfect sister for her… 😛

  • jimi jam…


  • jimmyherzios

    i love it!!

  • Tracy Templeman

    The Diamond/DBZ Zoltan Bathory Guitar… is for me the best by far xx

  • bobbydelbosque

    Beautiful guitar!

  • Earl K.

    I could sure use this ! My old guitar is getting worn out and and I can’t afford another one. Fingers crossed !

  • mathew turner

    Love everything you guys do! Rock on bros

  • Techboy57

    Beautiful top and stain. Be an excellent birthday/Xmas present.

  • Rob Greco

    Oh Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy this past year! 🙂

  • ben

    A Floyd but no locking but? What?

  • Donnie

    I sure would love to win, afraid I,ll never own one without winning it.

  • Jakub Koczera

    Oh my God, this guitars are just epic. But I guess that on of this priceless instruments won’t be my… Shame, but congratulations for a guy/girl who will receive one of these 🙂 Once again, guitars are amazing!

  • Chas Dean Szekely

    Those would make a really nice Christmas present.

  • Trisha Jepsen

    Thank you Five Finger Death Punch, Diamond DBZ, and the Seymour Duncan company for this opportunity. May the winner cherish this prize for many years.

  • daniellc85

    ojala algún día me gane algo. jajajaja.

  • Cyn

    Would love to win. . . The guitar would be a Christmas gift for a close friend!

  • Ken Trout

    Wow, don’t own my strat any more, gave to grandson for his progress. left with 62,335, 6120 and1960 Framus. Would dearly love this unique and beatiful guitar still love your pickups on gretch and Framus

  • Edward “Tzuky”Aurori

    One of the coolest guitars I ever seen…!!!!!!

  • troloc

    Is it sad that I want it just to hang on my wall?

  • Guest

    Well, i´m n to rich to spend a lot of money, especialy here in mexico, prices are highest than in the US, my humble guitar is a Cort G290, but is packed with 3 SD in HSS configuration, a Wilkinson bridge and Sperzel locking tuners, sounds awesome, thank´s to my SDs, I can change my guitar with no problem but my SD´s, won’t go, geerthings from Mexico city!!!!

  • Veselin Barlatov

    I feel that´s the guitar that will fulfill my dreams! If you pick me you and the whole world will hear from me soon!

  • Zorita.


  • AntsMan

    Looks like a copy of the Zoltan Bathory Signature B.C. Rich assassin. Same combinations and even has an identical reverse headstock.

    • Zee

      I like the neck through construction on the BC Rich much more than a set neck. THe BC Rich is a great build and the neck is spot on. Hope the DBZ is as good.

  • diego

    que lindas violas

  • Scott Taylor