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Guitar Anatomy (Parts of an Electric Guitar)

One of the most elegant neck - to - body attachments I have ever seen. Built by Ken Parker.

There are so many little parts on an electric guitar that when you’re a beginner it can be a daunting task to figure out what each part is for! It never hurts to take a closer look at anything, so why not dive into the anatomy of an electric guitar? Continue reading

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Four Simple (and Cheap) Ways to Personalize Your Guitar

Nice pickguard, eh

There’s a lot of appeal to owning something that’s truly unique, and guitars are definitely no exception. While we may not all want something as bold as the Eddie Van Halen Franken-Strat or the Rick Nielsen checkerboard Hamer Standard, it’s … Continue reading

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How To Shield A Guitar

How do you, ummm, shield something made of copper?

A few weeks ago, I completed an article about fixing my Ernie Ball/Music Man’s warped pickguard. While I had all of the electronics and pickguard off of the guitar, I noticed that the only shielding on the control cavity was … Continue reading

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How I Fixed My Warped Pickguard

The subject: A bowl-shaped pickguard that won't fit.

While storing ‘loaded up’ pickguards, I noticed that one of them started bowing itself into a bowl shape. When I wanted to use it, there was no way it was going to fit on the guitar. Yes, I could have forced it, but putting slight pressure on the edges caused the middle to bubble up, so more drastic methods were needed. Continue reading

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Unleashing the Fury In Prewired Form


Yngwie Malmsteen is best known for introducing to the world his own brand of neoclassical shred. Many imitators followed, but Yngwie is still unleashing the fury around the world. His tone is built on an alder Stratocaster with scalloped maple … Continue reading

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How Easy Is It To Install A Loaded Pickguard?


So you’ve got a Strat, and you want to upgrade the pickups and electronics, but hate the idea of having to solder all of the connections? The Seymour Duncan Loaded Pickguards for Strat® are exactly what you need. With the Liberator solderless pots installed on most models, the Loaded Pickguards make changing your pickups and electronics a breeze. Continue reading

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Tweaking Your Treble


Whenever we play guitar with somebody else, we want to be audible. Not just for the other guy (or guys) we play with or even the audience, but also for ourselves. Having huge amounts of low end might swamp our guitar because the bass guitar has much more lows, and having a lot of highs and nothing else will get in the way the crash of the drums and the vocals. Not to mention, those sounds sound just terrible! Continue reading

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Choosing a Strat Pickguard

Yngwie Strat

So you’ve got a Strat, and it’s nice, but sometimes you are just after something else from the guitar. A different tone, the ability to play completely different styles of music, or just the ability to just swap pickups with only the use of a few screw drivers. Seymour Duncan can make your life extremely easy with their collection of Liberator pickguards for Strat®. Continue reading

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Introducing New Pickguards from Seymour Duncan

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Seymour Duncan Restores John Oates Original Fender Stratocaster

Seymour Duncan recently took on a project to restore John Oates (Hall & Oates) original Fender Stratocaster to all its ’80s glory. After taking detailed measurements, pictures, and studying old photos of the guitar, Seymour took to bringing the tone, … Continue reading

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