Mick Thomson Blackouts - set AHB-3s

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Make the maggots squirm with Mick Thomsons signature set of custom tuned active annihilation.


Mick Thomson of Slipknot came to us wanting a set of Blackouts that had increased high-end and a tighter low-end to compliment the complex, crushing riffs he plays in severely dropped tunings. The resulting EMTY neck model has a special custom-voicing for crystal clear clean tones with a distinct edginess to them. With the gain cranked up, the top and bottom stay tight and focused, while the midrange pushes more aggressively through the mix for smooth sustain and crisp individual note definition.The EMTY bridge model has the energy and output of the original Blackouts, but youll immediately notice that the custom tuned preamp yields a tighter low-end that gives your sound an edgier, more percussive feel whether youre in standard tuning or beneath the earths crust. This is especially true for palm muted, heavy chugging riffs. The mids provide just enough detail, and the augmented treble response really gives solos a solid attack.Comes with pots, hardware, quick-connector cables, capacitor (active pickups require a special cap value), output jack, battery clip, and wire needed for installation. If your guitar already has active pickups with quick-connector cables installed, you should be able to simply unplug them and plug in your Blackouts.

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Mick Thomson's Signature Blackouts EMTY

Seymour Duncan Blackouts: AHB-1 vs. AHB-3

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