My New Cherry Red Tele-Gib

Hey friends. Been working on a new project guitar based on the Tele-Gib I built for Jeff Beck back in 1974. At the time I was working at the Fender Soundhouse in London, and Jeff Beck was over at the CBS studios recording his second album. The “Tele-Gib” was a hybrid guitar that started out…

Knaggs Guitar Giveaway

Seymour Duncan has teamed up with Knaggs Guitars, Maryland’s Boutique Guitar maker, to give away a special Knaggs Chesapeake Series ‘Severn Tier 1′ Trem in Aged Scotch. This instrument is one of Knaggs’ finest guitars, featuring a double-cutaway beveled Alder body with Sapele top and a Maple cap. The figured Rock Maple set neck comes with a Cocobolo…

History of Seymour Duncan Products

For 37 years Seymour Duncan has been developing products to help musicians find their voice and get the most out of their instrument. We thought it would be fun to look back at when some of our more notable products came out.

Capturing The Magic of Vintage Guitar Pickups

There’s something about having a guitar with the right pickup that will make you feel like the “cream” of the chops! The above photo is one of my Antiquity “aged” humbucking pickups. It’s cosmetically aged to look 50 years old. The main reason I designed this pickup to look old is for guitarist over the…

Like Father, Like Son – Derek Duncan To Take Over Custom Shop

Like many engineers and machinists, Derek Duncan grew up with an intense curiosity for the mechanics of how things work… except Derek didn’t come from your average parents, but from the founders and owners of Seymour Duncan; Cathy Carter Duncan – the woman who has provided the vision to guide the business through 37 years…

The Story of the Tele-Gib

Back in 1974 I was working in London at the Fender Soundhouse where I was doing guitar repair and modifications. One of the benefits of working at Fender was that I had a chance to meet so many great guitarists that rehearsed on the third floor sound studio.

Maná Breaks Staples Center Record

On April 25th, Seymour Duncan Custom Shop manager Maricela Juarez (MJ) and art director Andreina Diaz attended a historical concert by the legendary Maná at Los Angeles’ Staples Center.   Maná is the most influential band out Latin America since the late 80s  – the equivalent of U2 or The Stones for Spanish speaking countries. They set…

The Making of a Custom Shop Pickup

This video shows the process of making a pickup in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop. Whatever tone you are dreaming of, we can help you get it. Shown in the video is the Phat Staple which gives a nice jazz tone in the neck and a nice lead tone in the bridge. If you have…

From The Custom Shop EP 4: Bonanza

In a special episode, Seymour jams with his record producer and Scott Marceau gives an update on what is happening in the world of Duncan. Seymour then joins Bob Bain for a talk on his long and accomplished career.

From The Custom Shop EP 3: The Artists We’ve Worked With

In episode 3 Seymour Duncan and Maricela Juarez talk about all the artists we have worked with over the years. We also show the Ken Meyers 911 guitar, talk Dynasonic, Seth Lover, and have a special interview with Jimmy Vivino of Conan.

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