Three Cool Alternate Wiring Schemes for Telecaster®

One of the great things about the Telecaster is the fact that there are so many cool alternate wiring schemes you can use. I want to tell you about three of my favorites.

Telegib And The Birth Of The JB

Telecaster or Les Paul? What do you do when you can’t decide?… Well, when you’re Seymour W. Duncan you infuse the best of both into one guitar, the “TeleGib”. While doing so, you also create a legendary set of pickups, the SH-2Nn Jazz neck and SH-4 JB bridge pickup… also known as the “Hot Rodded…

How It All Began With Cathy Duncan

Today we’re taking you back to the mid 70’s… to the very beginning when Seymour Duncan the Company started. Cathy and Seymour talk about how it all started in their $300 trailer with no electricity, how they made up the rules as they went and some of the timeless lessons they learned. Subscribe to our…

Please Welcome Brad Paisley

Two friends get together to talk guitars, favorite guitar players… and the Paisley Telecaster. Check out the new episode of Seymour’s Studio, with his special guest Brad Paisley. Subscribe to our channel for new episodes!

My Friend Nokie Edwards

Long time fan of The Ventures, and long time friend of legendary guitarist Nokie Edwards, Seymour pays tribute to his friend and musical inspiration and talks about his favorite Ventures record. Subscribe to our channel for new episodes!

How Seymour Started Winding Pickups

33 and a 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm? What is the perfect speed on your record player to rewind a broken Telecaster pick up? In episode 1 of Seymour’s studio find out. Also, how a crafty high School student in the early 60’s began an amazing legacy helping to shape the tone of electric guitar…

A Visit From Saint Seymour

A Visit from Saint Seymour It was the night before Xmas, two days from the gig. My new band had told me “Your tone we don’t dig!” My old Strat hummed like a tree full of bees. My once sparkling Tele now sounded like cheese! The gutted Les Paul was borderline junk. My SG wasn’t…

The World’s Biggest Guitar Pickup

Years ago the TV show BIG came to us with a challenge, to create the world’s biggest guitar pickup. It wasn’t the first time such a challenge came, in 1984 Seymour helped build the world’s largest Stratocaster, at the time making four large pickups. This new challenge was much greater, requiring a pickup that weighed…

Fall 2015 Seymour Duncan Bass Scholarship Winner

This year’s winner of the 2015 Musician’s Institute/Seymour Duncan Bass Scholarship is Santa Clarita CA’s own Jeremy Bauer. As a student of MI’s Bass Program, Jeremy says his goal will be “to soak in every bit of knowledge I possibly can from all my instructors and fellow musicians. I would like to leave MI as…

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