The Forza is a full-range, highly adjustable and transparent overdrive for players who want more gain without losing the natural voice of their guitar.

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While many overdrives emphasize particular frequencies, the Forza gives you a more even spread across the frequency range. The voicing is very open, and it sounds just as good through a clean channel or hitting an already-overdriven amp. In addition to up to 37dB of gain there’s a three-band EQ for controlling the lows, mids and high end, and the Level control has plenty of range to allow use as a clean boost too. The Forza uses a glass diode, back-to-back stack overdrive circuit. It features True Bypass switching and is made in the USA.

User Guide

Sample Settings

  • Sparkly Overdrive

    Think of this as “a little more” on top of a clean amp channel: plenty of body with a little midrange dip to smooth out the tone. This setting sounds especially jangly with a Stratocaster.
  • British Crunch

    Use this setting with a clean amp channel for vintage crunch tone. The mid-range response is flat with lower bass for more focus, and it features maximum drive with a slight high-end boost. This setting pushes your guitar into a bright, tubey growl and works equally well with single coil and humbucking pickups.
  • Big Rhythm

    Use this setting with a clean amp channel for a classic American rhythm sound. The boosted bass and completely scooped mids give a thick tone, and the wide open gain gives you plenty of power.
  • Tight Metal Boost

    Use this setting in front of a high-gain amp to tighten up the bottom end and add thickness and compression to the mids while keeping pick articulation clear.
  • Lead Boost

    Use this setting on top of your overdriven or distorted rhythm sound to add punch and sustain, or to turn a great rhythm sound into a great lead sound.

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