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Deep, musical phase shifting—with an all–analog signal path coupled with state-of-the-art digital control, delivering classic swirls, futuristic vortices, auto-wah vocalizations, and much more.

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Analog phase shifters have been a huge part of the soundtrack to our lives. Their swirly, dreamy, spacey sounds can take a normal tone and transform it into something otherworldly. Some phasers are super-simple one-knob affairs, others are more complex machines. The Polaron is the perfect blend of instant-gratification simplicity and deep, feature-rich sound design. 


The soul of the Polaron is its adjustable 2– to 16stage analog filter array, which provides an amazing range of phaser tones—from subtle pulses to radical sweeps, with rotary, vocal, and flange-type sounds along the way. In addition to Depth and Rate controls, the Tune and Resonance knobs allow you to further tailor your phase shifter effects. This 100% analog signal path delivers beautiful, warm sound quality, but we didn’t stop there. The Polaron also features a totally separate digital processor to control LFO and envelop follower functions, for maximum flexibility plus the ability to save and store presets.  


In LFO mode, the Polaron can be operated like a traditional phaser, manually adjusting the controls. You can also use the Tap Tempo function to sync the phasing to the groove. Engaging ENV mode lets your pick attack govern how the Polaron reacts, for a dynamic, interactive phase experience. Auto wah, talk box, and robot voices are all right there, along with more understated colors and textures. 


When you discover a great sound in the Polaron (which you will again and again), it’s easy to save it as a preset that you can recall at any time. This feature allows you to experiment, explore, and create, safe in the knowledge that you won’t lose yesterday’s or today’s favorite envelope, depth, rate, and tune settings.  


The Polaron Analog Phase Shifter—Any pedal can shift phase. This one can shift your perspective. 


Like all Seymour Duncan pedals, Polaron was dreamed, designed, and built right here in the US, and features true-bypass switching. 

User Guide

Polaron Manual

Sample Settings

  • 01 Polaron Orange Box

    Classic 2 stage phase tones. Lush swirling phase that adds depth and dimension
  • 02 Green Machine

    Bubbly, funky 4 stage phase tones. Adds a rhythmic bounce to single lines & chords
  • 03 Seymu-phase II

    Intergalactic 6 stage phase tones. Adds an immersive swell.
  • 04 Grateful Phase

    Classic 10 stage phase tones with added envelope control. Vocal-like response and touch sensitivity will have you soloing like Jerry
  • 05 Pseudo-talkbox

    12 stage phaser. Stiff, filtered talk box-y tones that bloom as notes decay.
  • 06 Interstellar Communication

    16 stage phase tones. Intense multi-stage modulation adds otherworldly character

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