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A studio-quality bass compressor pedal with the ability to blend in your uncompressed tone for ultimate dynamic control.

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This versatile studio-grade compressor is a must have for any bass player looking to maximize their sound, with a range of tones from subtle to super-squashed. One of the secrets to the Studio Bass’s power is its 3-position mini-toggle and blend knob, which give you near limitless control over your tone by letting you mix uncompressed tones alongside the affected sound. Blend in your unadulterated clean signal, a mid boost that will help you cut through the busiest mixes, or a fat low-end growl. Find that sweet spot where harder picking lifts the dry signal right up above the effected signal or mix in just a hint of the original sound.


Punk rock pick players, slap-happy funkateers and ferocious fingerstyle players alike will find endless sonic options, and there’s enough power that you can even use it as a clean boost for solos. It also makes a great ‘always-on’ pedal to form the heart of your sound.

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Sample Settings

  • Subtle Compression

    Add just a little compression to your overall tone to even things out.
  • High Compression

    A large amount of compressed tone mixed with very little dry signal. Great for smoothing out the dynamics in slap-style playing and keeping the pulled notes from becoming too harsh and overbearing.
  • Sharp, Fast

    Add a little sparkle and punch to your top end without sacrificing any of your low end tone!
  • Reggae

    Give your sound that fat bottom end you need to have for Reggae, Funk and World music.
  • Round and Fat

    Great for ballads, Motown, and anytime you want a vintage tone with a nice even amount of top, mid, and bottom.
  • Punchy Rock

    Add an aggressive midrange punch to your overall tone while maintaining a fat bottom end.

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