Voices of Metal – Joe Gettler

During NAMM, we had the oppurtunity to meet some great metal players. One guitarist who stopped by to shred was Joe Gettler. Check out the video below to see our interview with him and hear his skills in action. Click here to learn more about the Load Bros Guitar and the ToneZilla pickups. Continue Reading

From Belgrade to Montreal Borislav Mitic Rocks

Borislav Mitic is a Canadian based virtuoso rock guitarist and a recording solo artist. A shredding guitar player with three solo albums and a fourth one on the way. He has been published on Lion Music and US label Shrapnel Records that discovered virtuosos like Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, and Marty Friedman. Borislav’s new album Real will be out in 2012 on Shrapnel Records. In Spring […] Continue Reading

Voices of Metal – Lord Ahriman

In our continuing series to release the Kraken of brutal tone, we turn to Dark Funeral and one of the brutalest guitar players around, Lord Ahriman. How did you get started playing metal? I’ve been into metal since my early childhood, played various instrument when growing up, but I didn’t start playing guitar or write music myself until the age of 17. I come from a […] Continue Reading

Live from the Custom Shop

Join us tomorrow (2/22/12) at 11am PST for a live feed with Seymour Duncan and Maricela Juarez in the Custom Shop. Tweet us your questions and get the answers live on the air. Watch here Continue Reading

Voices of Metal – Brandon Ellis

In our continuing search for brutal heavy tone and the tools used to create it, we came upon Brandon Ellis, who has toured with Arsis and Sylosis and has the unique ability to learn songs incredibly fast. We took one look at this video and said “yes, we need this guy.” Check it out! You recently filled in for Sylosis on the As I lay Dying […] Continue Reading

New Guitars with Seymour Duncan Pickups

Here is a sampling of some of the new guitars announced at NAMM that feature Seymour Duncan pickups. From Schecter, the Blackjack SLS series: From Godin Guitars, the CORE featuring a model with Seymour Duncan P90’s. From Jarrell Guitars, the Monte Pittman Signature line. CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool shows us his new Eagle Gold Top. The ESP GUS G. NT and the LTD GUS-600NT now […] Continue Reading

Voices of Metal Returns

Voices of Metal will return for a new installment this Wednesday with a whole new slate of brutal axe grinders. Check out the video below for more information. Know a guitarist you think should be on Voices of Metal? Let us know in the comments below. Continue Reading

Preston Reed Turns The Acoustic Guitar into a Journey

Preston Reed has long been recgnoized as a pioneering acoustic guitar player, with his two handed integrated percussive approach turning a guitar into a symphony and amazing people who are surprised that so many sounds could be created at once, by one man. As with many things, seeing and hearing is believing. At a young age, Preston took to playing his fathers guitar. When Preston was 15, […] Continue Reading