Product News

The Apollo Jazz Bass Linear Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan’s engineering wizard Kevin Beller has been helping us develop products since the early days of the company and he’s also a bass player who is deeply passionate about developing new tone tools for musicians. His quest to capture the traditional tone but have it be completely noiseless with some performance modifications led to the creation of the Apollo Jazz Bass Linear Humbuckers. These pickups […] Continue Reading

5 Neck Humbuckers Compared

These new demos compare five versatile neck pickup options in rock, blues, metal and clean demonstrations. The Marshall is used for clean tones, Cornford for blues, Orange for rock and Peavey 5150 for metal. The Jazz Model neck humbucker uses an alnico 5 bar magnet and a special coil wind for an articulate, glassy treble response that balances very well with its full, but tight low […] Continue Reading

New Seymour Duncan Pickup SETS

Getting the best sound out of your guitar has just become easier. Seymour Duncan has taken the guesswork out of matching the correct pickups together and has introduced a line of matched sets that are built to work together and sound great, right out of the box. While you will still be able to obtain individual pickups, the new Seymour Duncan Sets provide Ready To Go […] Continue Reading