Friends of SD: Jericho Guitars

Jericho Guitars focuses on true, modern, long scale guitars starting at 26.9″ for 6 strings and going up to 27″ for 8 strings.

Friends of SD: Godin Guitars

Canada isn’t a country we normally associate with high-end guitars, although they should be. Godin have been making guitars in Quebec since the early 1970s, and have expanded to three factories in the region, as well as one in the northeastern US. Godin Guitars seems to be constantly coming up with new designs, from their retro Richmond…

Moniker Guitars Launches The Zuma

Moniker Guitars from Austin, Texas have just launched a new body shape called the Zuma (named after Zuma Beach in Malibu, California), and you can design your own custom version on Moniker’s website before placing your order. Or just to while away the hours, ‘cos online guitar builders are a kind of addictive like that.

The Kramer Chronicles, Volume II: The Pearly Gates

When last we left off, I’d installed the ’59 set in my resurrected-mutant 80s Kramer Voyager. It sounded great, but the idea was to see how different combinations worked in the guitar, so we’ll be moving on to the next bridge pickup combo (the ‘59 neck remains). While the ’59s sound great, and fully nail…

The Kramer Chronicles, Volume I: The ’59 Set

When I was a kid first starting out on guitar, there was no widespread “DIY” market to speak of. That was just beginning. You basically took what you could get at your local music store, and liked it. Unless you were daring enough to try the also embryonic mail-order market and run with something you…

More S/H Superstrat Pickup Combo Adventures: The JB/STK-S6 Set

For those that read my last review of the 59/Custom Hybrid and the STK-S7 used as an S/H combo (or as a primer for anyone that didn’t), l love Strats with Floyds and S/H pickup combos. That’s probably my No.1 favorite pickup combo, followed by a S/S/S combo with a vintage Strat bridge, and then any LP-style two humbucker setup (Floyd optional!).

It’s ALIVE: Building a Parts Strat

Building your own Strat-style guitar is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I’ve discovered. I started as a teen, inspired by Eddie Van Halen, and never stopped. I was mesmerized by all the inner workings and details that came together to make a killer sounding, classy-looking guitar that played great too.

Building the perfect S/H beast: 59/Custom Hybrid & STK-S7 review

Choosing a set of pickups for a Super Strat with a single-volume, single coil/humbucker pickup configuration isn’t as easy a task as you’d think; especially if you’re looking for versatility. There are a few things to consider, particularly balancing the neck pickup with the bridge humbucker.

Why Direct Mount?

Some players, myself included, have noticed a subtle but palpable difference between direct-mounted pickups and those mounted more traditionally in pickguards, or in the case of most Super-Strats, mounting rings.

LAG Imperator And Arkane

For years the French guitar builder LAG has been known to a happy few guitar players. Their high quality French build guitars were always of the finest materials and built to the highest standards. In order to cater to a wider audience LAG now introduces the LAG Arkane and LAG Imperator.

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