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Evolution In Music Pedagogy

I started my walk on the musical road to perdition not as a guitarist, but as a singer. I received a fairly traditional, classical education. I learned to read notes, solfege (learning relative intervals: think of the famed scene of the Sound of Music where the children learn to sing via Do-Re-Mi: that's solfege!), all the modes. When I switched to the rock and metal side of music I experienced major troubles: I couldn't get rid of my belcanto-techniques. Continue Reading

The Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive Review

Make some room on that pedalboard, folks, because the Seymour Duncan pedal line is expanding. The new 805 Overdrive joins the Dirty Deed Distortion, Vapor Trail Analog Delay and the Pickup Booster while bringing much-needed updates to the standard overdrive formula. Continue Reading

Friends of SD: Eastman Guitars

By Dave Eichenberger It is a rare find to have a guitar company that focuses on old world craftsmanship with a focus on tone, quality, and affordability. Even rarer is a company that focuses on acoustics, mandolins, archtops, and thinlines. Eastman Guitars builds some of the most difficult-to-build instruments, relying on hand-carving for the majority of their builds. At Eastman, master luthiers oversee the work of skilled instrument […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Pickups for Jazz Guitar

By Dave Eichenberger Contrary to popular belief, there are other types of music other than rock, metal, blues, and country. While not as popular as it was, say, 40 years ago, there is still a sizable jazz guitar community out there. Of course, jazz has been played on many types of guitars, and archtops, while they are wonderful, still remain the traditional choice. However, great jazz […] Continue Reading

The Loar

Friends of SD: The Loar Guitars

By Dave Eichenberger The name The Loar conjures up many images for those who have studied the history and birth of iconic archtop instruments in America. Lloyd Loar was responsible for the design of the F5 mandolins and L5 archtops of the early 20th century and the name lives on in The Loar, a company dedicated to making beautiful small-bodied acoustics, mandolins and archtops in the modern age, […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan pedals for acoustic

Building an Acoustic Pedalboard

By Dave Eichenberger Using pedals with an acoustic guitar is a pretty counter-intuitive thing. After all, it is an acoustic guitar, and it gets its name from the sound of the guitar in a room, with the reflections blaring out from the soundboard in all directions of the room. A pickup or even a microphone might come close to sounding how a good acoustic sounds in […] Continue Reading