The tonal characteristics of active pickups make them a great choice for heavier music styles as well as cleaner, more melodic rock genres. They follow your playing very accurately and precisely with no noise or hum, but supply a massive amount of output. Unfortunately, many players feel that active pickups sound a bit too sterile. The dynamics are not what they’re used to. Some also say it’s like having a compressor pedal on, all of the time.

We developed Blackout pickups to combat these issues. They give you the punch, articulation and precision you’d expect, but without that compressed sound. Our active pickups are the quietest on the market and are made for standard and extended range. This all allows for the tonality of your guitar to shine through, whether you’re playing classic-rock solos or laying down brutally heavy riffs.

In 2007, Seymour Duncan launched the first Blackout pickup, and the family has broadened to include many voicings. Below are just a few!


Jeff Loomis Blackouts: 6 String, Passive Mount Set

Jeff’s active Blackouts set is designed to sound more organic and dynamic than most active humbuckers. His humbuckers offer high-output owed to using Alnico 5 magnets. It keeps power chords sounding big and powerful and has a pronounced midrange response, with a strong pick attack for tracking fast playing.



Original Blackouts: 7 String, Active Mount Set

A formidable pair of Blackouts to take your active humbucker-equipped extended range instrument to a new level of lucid aggression.






Blackouts Bass Soapbar: 4 String Set

This 4 string active soapbar pickup matched set brings more tone, more power and more impact. This pickup set was designed to make getting an aggressive bass tone simple.




Mick Thomson Blackouts: 6 String, Passive Mount Set

Mick Thomson of Slipknot came to us wanting a set of Blackouts that had increased high-end and a tighter low-end to compliment the complex, crushing riffs he plays in severely dropped tunings. The resulting active pickups have a special custom-voicing which also gives them crystal clear clean tones with a distinct edginess to them.



Original Blackouts: 6 String, Active Mount Set

This is our original high-output active Blackouts humbucker set. The perfect choice for metal players looking for warm complex chording and singing leads, the original Blackouts neck practically cries out for two-handed shred and thick rhythm playing.




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