Jeri Jones / Blame Sally

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Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups

Jeri Jones / Blame Sally

Blame Sally is the mostly all-female San Francisco-based collection of singer-songwriter-musicians. According to Dirty Linen magazine, they combine, “…lush electric and acoustic instrumental textures with sensuous harmonies and intriguing original compositions.” According to Evan Skopp, who caught their recent concert in the park show in Santa Barbara, “Simply put: they rock!”

Jeri Jones handles electric guitar, slide resonator guitar and mandolin for Blame Sally. Not only is her guitar Seymourized with Vintage Staggered for Strat and TwangBanger pickups, but her pedal board is bursting with Seymour Duncan stompboxes. She’s currently rocking a Twin Tube Classic, Shape Shifter tremolo, and Deja Vu tap delay. About her Twin Tube and Shape Shifter, Jeri says, “My Seymour Duncan effects are notching up the color and boldness in my guitar playing. I have to be a versatile player in Blame Sally and my other projects, and these effects really deliver when it comes to sonic options. I’m crazy about the Twin Tube Classic. It’s subtle but gutsy on the Clean setting, and really rips when you hit the Lead channel. I’m not a fast player – I depend on that gorgeous, creamy and complex tone to make my solos soar. The Shape Shifter is such a deep, rich tremolo and it’s easy to tailor the effect so that it serves the song perfectly.”

Here’s a camera phone shot of Jeri, during set break, showing off her Seymour Duncan-laden pedal board.

Written on July 15, 2010, by Kat King

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  • Kat King • 10 years ago

    I saw “Blame Sally” Sat. Nite in L.A. Jeri Jones knocked me out and stole the show along with Pam Delgado. I came away with a major crush on Jeri Jones because of her “drop dead smile” while performing. Great to listen to while admiring a beautiful women.

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