Introducing the Gus G. FIRE Blackouts System

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Gus G. FIRE Blackouts System

Gus G

Hard rock and metal guitarists no longer need to choose between the power of active pickups and the response of passive pickups. The Gus G. FIRE Blackouts System blends the best aspects of both.

“This system combines the massive tone, kick, and distortion of Blackouts with the rich tone and expressive feel of my favorite passive pickups,” says Gus G., the exciting young guitarist just off the road with Ozzy Osbourne. “It responds perfectly to all my picking techniques, and more of my personality comes through than with any active pickup I’ve tried.”


Combines active and passive. The Gus G. Fire Blackouts System is a matched set of two passive humbucking pickups and a dual preamp that replaces one of the guitar’s volume pots.

Traditional humbucker design with individual pole pieces provides the note definition and string-to-string feel of passive pickups.

Alnico 5 magnets deliver rich, detailed tones. The bridge pickup’s larger magnet adds more low-mids for fatter, fuller-sounding leads.

Custom-wound coils create a remarkably open, airy sound.

Blackouts Modular PreampA high-output, low-noise differential dual preamp captures every nuance of the passive-style pickups—with plenty of headroom. Most other active preamps clip too easily, decimating your dynamics.

Long battery life. A single 9-volt battery provides approximately 750 hours of playing time.

Bare-wire lockdown connectors. Uses the same solderless connectors as our Liberator Pickup Change System. No soldering required if replacing existing active pickups. Screwdriver included.

Includes three additional 25K potentiometers for users who are replacing passive pickups.

Organic sound. Instead of tone that sounds as if it was created by a preamp, you’ll hear the wood of your guitar. You’ll hear your picking style. You’ll hear you.

Pickups hand-made in Santa Barbara, California. Preamp made in the USA.

To locate a store, click here.

Written on November 10, 2011, by Kat King

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Comments (12)

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    Can the Gus G pickups be used in a Floyd Rose equipped guitar?n

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    They sure can!

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    It’s an interesting idea! I guess many guys wants these passive-active mixed system for 3 single coils. In short, i want Blackout-Modular for Strat!

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    how much will they cost? and when will they be out??

    • Kat King • 8 years ago

      They are out, you can find the cost information online or from your local retailer.

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    They are out now – you can find cost information online or from your local musical retailer.u00a0

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    Brilliant idea this pre amped pot. I’m mounting it on to a customu00a0 ugitar with an SH 13 Dimebucker and i will definately have it on at least one of my guitars. Will allso buy a set of the Gus G. pickups and install it on to one of the guitars i will make this month. Duncan’ s the best. Mpl Guitars UK

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    ok, these look great. but i want to buy it for my boyfriend for his birthday, but i know NOTHING about guitars. And obviously i cant ask him or it wont be a surprise.. I just needed to make sure that it will fit one of he guitars.. he was, a Michael Kelly Partiot custom, a Prs Se Santana II, Squier Strat (but heavily modified thought) And a epiphone Sheraton II.. This means nothing to me, and i need to know, will if fit any of these?! PLEASE HELP 😀 Thank you 🙂

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    I own a set of these and I love them. I wanted to know if I can install a Coil Tap with these pickups using the Blackouts Modular Preamp and how I can get the info on how to do it? Could I use the Triple Shot Mounting Ring?

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    very cool

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    What are the incuded capacitor values with the whole installation kit. I have almost no tone variation with either pickup. Gain and sound are great but minimal tome control.

  • Kat King • 8 years ago

    im kind of interested in the pickup itself. sense you can pair up the pre amp with any other pickup im wondering what other pickup in the seymour duncan line up is the gus g fire most comparable to?

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