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At Seymour Duncan we’re committed to giving you the tools necessary to get the bass tone you’ve always dreamed of, with pickups for all types of basses and all genres of music. We’ve created a wide array of pickups for P-Bass, Jazz Bass, Rickenbaker, Music Man and Soapbars. Changing out your pickups can completely transform your bass into a new instrument. Many of our models come in both 4- and 5-string versions and even some for 6-string.

Precision Bass Pickups

Precision Bass

For Precision Bass players our Vintage for P-Bass will get you that classic bass tone. Our P-Bass pickups include the hotter-than-vintage Hot for P-Bass and one of the most sought-after bass pickups, the Quarter Pound for P-Bass which is a high-output pickup full of fat, punchy tones. The Quarter Pound is used by Iron Maiden, Blink 182, Smashing Pumpkins and others. It also comes stock on the Roger Waters P-Bass from Fender, which you can hear below.

SPB-1 Vintage for P-Bass

SPB-2 Hot for P-Bass

SPB-3 Quarter Pound for P-Bass

SPB-4 Steve Harris Signature

Jazz Bass Pickups

Jazz Bass

Whether you’re looking for vintage tone  or aggressive output and slamming attack for your Jazz Bass, we have you covered. For lovers of the vintage tone of the ’60s our Antiquity II for Jazz Bass will provide you with the right balance of clarity, brightness and output, as will our Vintage for Jazz Bass. If you’re looking for vintage tone but without the hum, check out our Classic Stack for Jazz Bass. If you need something hotter, our Hot for Jazz Bass bumps it up a notch to give you a more powerful midrange. If you want high output and attack for a perfect bass tone for blues, metal and hard rock, check out our Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass.

SJB-1 Vintage for Jazz Bass

SJB-2 Hot for Jazz Bass

SJB-3 Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass

Active Bass Pickups

If you’re looking to give an organic boost to your EQ with active pickups, check out our Lightnin’ Rods for Jazz Bass and our Pro-Active for Jazz Bass. We also have P-Bass actives that include our Pro-Active for P-Bass and our Lightnin’ Rods for P-Bass as well as our Blackouts for Bass shown above.

APB-1 and AJB-1

Music Man Pickups

Music Man

For bass players who use Music Man instruments, we have three replacement pickups. Our 3 coil Alnico will give you more warmth on the bottom and more detail on the top for a broader range. If you’re looking for ’70s rock tone, check out our SMB-4/5. If you need even more bark, check out our SMB-4/5D. It will give you a highly musical tone contour with a richly articulated bottom, lots of midrange, and biting treble minus the harshness.

Soapbar Pickups

Soapbar Pickups

Our Soapbar pickups come in both active and passive versions. Our SSB-4/5 can deliver an organic punch for warmth and power. It can directly replace an EMG® 35 or 40. If you’re looking for the gain of active pickups our 4/5 String Blackouts for Bass are designed to give you more highs, deeper lows, all with less adjustment.

Need help changing out your pickups? Click here and scroll to the bottom for our bass wiring diagrams.

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Written on August 29, 2012, by Kat King

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Comments (9)

  • Kat King • 7 years ago

    The hot stacks that you supplied to Gibson for the Krist Novoselic signature rd bass are great. I’m very happy with the sounds and tones they produce. Good job.

    • Kat King • 7 years ago

      Thanks! Glad you love em!

      • Kat King • 7 years ago

        I love that sound too! I hunted down and purchased a pair of the hot stacks and installed them into a JB but didn’t get the same glorious power – is there more to the wiring of the Krist Novoselic Signature RD Bass than a standard Fender circuit? I can’t find the wiring diagram anywhere.

        • Kat King • 7 years ago

          Not that I am aware of but the construction and woods of the bass itself can have an effect.

  • Kat King • 7 years ago

    Very probably you guys are the best option for bass pickups out there. In terms of what people are looking for, you guys are totally spot on. And you deliver.

  • Kat King • 7 years ago

    Thank you refering my soundcloud. I added some comment in English. I played SJB-1 for Jazz bass and Antiquity II PRIDE for P-bass on this track. Duncan pickups are BEST!

  • Kat King • 7 years ago

    Thank you refering my soundcloud. I added some comment in English. I played SJB-1 for Jazz bass and Antiquity II PRIDE for P-bass on this track. Duncan pickups are BEST!

  • Kat King • 7 years ago

    So whitch pickup will get me close to the rick growly tone? Concidering that I’ll probably build the bass myself, using the woods that ric uses.

  • Kat King • 7 years ago

    The Quarter Pounders aren’t used by Maiden… That’s wrong, I wonder how this got published here…

    The one used by Harris is the new SPB-4 and the one used on the Steve HArris Signature model Fender P bass is the SPB-1 !!

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