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Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups

Lukas Previn – Thursday


Lukas Previn is one hard working musician. As the touring bassist for Thursday to touring and recording with The United Nations and Acid Tiger, and soon embarking on La Dispute’s October/November tour, Lukas needs versatility in his tone and chooses the Seymour Duncan SH-4 in his Les Paul Custom guitar.

“I put the JB Model™ SH-4 in my guitar and it turned it from a mouse to a lion that barks poisonous snakes. The tone is so versatile, I can push it to be as brutal as I need or let it whisper the softest buttercream tones. I could not be happier,” boasts Lukas.

You can check out both United Nations and Acid Tiger’s new albums out on Deathwish records or see him on tour in the next coming months. Want to keep up with Lukas? Follow him on Twitter, click here.

Written on September 22, 2010, by Kat King

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