Whether for television, film, or his albums – Anthony Terrezza chooses Seymour Duncan for Perfection

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Anthony Terrazza

Anthony Terrezza

Immersed in music since childhood, Anthony was born and raised in New Jersey, and started playing guitar at the age of 8, with the encouragement of his father who was an accomplished and professional recorded singer. His grandfather, originally from Italy, was a professional concert violinist. Anthony’s musical journey was already charted before he stepped on stage, or entered his first recording studio. Anthony plays all styles with creative, soulful passion – a crisp, distinct, clean and fresh sound. From fusion, contemporary jazz, rock, R&B, funk and country; his versatility, smooth vocals, amazing tones and melodic composing are his signature.

His unique and creative guitar sounds have been heard on TV movies on Discovery Channel, NBC, ABC & TV commercials, radio jingles, theme songs for talk radio shows and children’s albums. He has been a session player on over 400 projects. His performances have been seen on VH1 with Richard Elliott & Tower of Power; he has toured domestically & internationally, and played at countless concert venues. While living in Nashville, he worked on Music Row writing with hit songwriters.

With 2 CD’s Higher Ground (2003) & Return to Spirit (2008) both self-produced and recorded in Blue Knight Studio (his 24-track studio), Anthony is focusing on writing music for his 3rd release. Several songs are written and the first song is recorded, entitled “Confunktion”. Anthony has recorded, engineered and produced many other local artists. To promote his music, he performs with his original band, Anthony Terrezza & Triple Espresso, and also performs and tours with 6 other projects, including “The Springsteen Experience” as Miami Steve.

Why did you change out your stock pickups?
“I was in search of tone/feel for playing in studio sessions and for concert/live environments. My first guitar pickup was changed around 1985/86. I installed a JB Humbucker! I currently play 4 Kramer Pacer USA Guitars (1985/1987). 3 of them have SH14 Trembucker & 2 have Vintage Rails. 1 has JB Trembucker & 2 Alnico Single Coils. I also have 3 vintage Fender Stratocasters; all 3 have Vintage Rails in the neck and middle position. 2 have a ‘59 Jr and 1 has a JB Jr.”

“They all have smooth, quiet beautiful tone & perfect articulation  – I want to hear every note. With my Seymour Duncan pickups, I am able to shape my tone with the incredible amount of pickup choices that Seymour Duncan provides. I have tried many Seymour Duncan pickups and in my search for tone I have found what works best for me. Seymour Duncan Pickups are 110% perfection! What’s great is, I don’t think about noisy pickups at shows anymore. I am at peace.”

How would you describe your playing?
“I play rock/jazz/R&B/gospel/country/funk/fusion/blues (clean/mean/sweet & articulate). I also write music that is a blend of rock/pop infused with contemporary jazz. Some of my songs are instrumentals, though some of my songs also have my vocals.”

How did you get into composing for TV?
“I was hired by friends who were writers & producers for TV & film. They hired me to play guitar and bass, sometimes reading charts, sometimes creating the parts on the fly.”

Advice from Anthony:
“Just remember to focus on being creative 100% & keep your reading chops up. Sometimes it’s about reading and playing the music, sometimes it’s about creating the music on the spot.”

What advice would you give someone who was wanting to be a session player?
“Be prepared to play all styles of music and keep your cool under the pressure!”

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Written on October 3, 2011, by Kat King

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