New Products Galore! More Seymour Duncan Video Goodness From Premier Guitar

Considering the colossal coolness of the last video we mentioned, in which Premier Guitar’s Jason Shadrick got the inside scoop on the original “Telegib” guitar and the history of its famous pickups straight from Seymour himself, you’d think that would have been about all the PG gang managed to wrangle from us at NAMM. But no, there’s more—much more, and it didn’t even kidnapping or blackmail […] Continue Reading

Premier Guitar Video Interview With Seymour W. Duncan: The Real Story Of The "TeleGib"

With the introduction of the Seymour Duncan 35 Limited Edition Guitar, Seymour W. Duncan is retiring his “baby,” the guitar affectionately known as the “TeleGib,” which has been his main instrument for nearly 40 years. While the Seymour Duncan 35 is based on Seymour’s faithful friend—with a number of improvements from Seymour Duncan resident luthier Frank Falbo and the master builders at Larrivée—there is of course […] Continue Reading

Carnifex Setups

Don’t forget to check out Carnifex on their full US Tour (March 31st to May 21st) with Oceano, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Within The Ruins. Check their myspace for more info Cory Arford Main Guitar(s): RGD 7-String(Main) RG-7321 7-String(back up) Amp: Peavey 6505+ Pickups: 7-string Blackouts AHB-1 Strings: SIT Strings On the RGD: 9-60 RG-7321: 10-70 Pedalboard: NONE Just an NS2 through a […] Continue Reading

The Damned Things: Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian’s Newest Project

Scott Ian from Anthrax is back in action with a new band and a new album, and he’s taking it on the road. The Damned Things ( is a supergroup consisting of Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano from Anthrax, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy, and Keith Buckley and Josh Newton of Every Time I Die. Ironiclast, the band’s debut album entitled was […] Continue Reading

Katatonia Gets Seymourized

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups KATATONIA Katatonia ( is a band that defines the new wave of Swedish metal.  Their heavy overtones combined with haunting melodic waves of sound are a perfect mix of doom metal and modern rock. Their earlier albums Dance of December Souls and Brave Murder Day have more of a focus on traditional Swedish doom while their first cross over Discouraged […] Continue Reading

Slash Contest Winners!

Thank you to all who participated in the Seymour Duncan Slash Contest.  We have randomly selected our winners.  Congratulations! Grand Prize Winners: Jason Adams Mike Richards Maria Erica Alvarez Matthew Wagg Carolyn Ellison Congratulations again to the winners! Stay tuned for when we announce the Seymour Duncan 35th Winner.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and join our mailing list to stay on top of […] Continue Reading

The Sound Guitar Magazine Features Seymour

Who’s that gorgeous cover model? Why it’s Seymour W. Duncan himself on the cover of Volume 4 of online guitar journal The Sound Guitar Magazine. “I was proud to be on the cover along with Johnny Hiland, Phil Collen, and Rusty Burns,” says Seymour, who’s as much player as pickup genius. During the NAMM Show, The Sound’s Jason Macedo came by the Seymour Duncan booth and […] Continue Reading

Seymour, Sarah, and Stroud: Backstage with Sarah McLachlan

Seymour and friends met “Sarah And Friends” backstage in nearby Santa Ynez, California, during Sarah McLachlan’s “Sarah And Friends” tour with Butterfly Boucher and Melissa McClelland. Here’s Seymour with Sarah and long-time Seymour Duncan user Peter Stroud, known for his exceptionally tasty tone not only with Sarah but with Sheryl Crow. Stroud played a Telecaster with new Zephyr Silver Premium silver-wire pickups. A few weeks earlier, […] Continue Reading