Slipknot Soundwave Festival Contest

Posted on by Kat King

In celebration of the huge festival that Slipknot is playing in Australia that is going on today, tomorrow and Monday – we are having a special contest to win a set of Mick Thomson EMTY Blackouts.

All you have to do is post a short slogan that describes the EMTY Blackouts in the comments below. On Tuesday, we will take a look at the entries and select a winner who will receive a set of Mick Thomson’s EMTY Blackouts. The winning slogan will appear on the ad seen below and ran for three months on the Decibel Magazine website.

Mick Thomson of Slipknot

Rules: This contest is open worldwide. Please keep submissions under 8 words and while it can be funny, it cannot contain profanity.

In Australia? Enter here to win a double pass to Soundwave in Perth.

Written on March 2, 2012, by Kat King

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  • Kenny Geriets

    Tone perfected.

  • Sinister, Sharp, and Mick Thomson Approved!

  • Outlaw13

    Fill your empty tone with blackness. EMTY BLACKOUTS!

  • Sean Steuber

    “That Boom…”

  • Blacker than the darkest night.

  • If Chuck Norris played guitar, he’d use Blackouts.

  • John Kendricken

    Blackouts, OI!


  • Darrin Snyder

    The One BLACKOUT you will remember.

  •  Blackouts EMTY. The fullest sound.

  • CaffeineZombie

    How black holes are made, Emty Blackouts.

  • Peter

    Blackouts – what the fuck is a Emg? 

  • Even if your music is for clowns, your tone doesn’t have to be a joke. Get serious with EMTYs.

  • The official tone of the Armageddon.

  • The most brutality allowed by law.

  • Lucius

    guaranteed to put a smile on ANY face.

  • Neuspeed94

     Tone that leaves everyone’s soul EMTY.

  • Blackouts lights out let your fingers get busy!

  • I don’t always play guitar….but when i do i prefer EMTY!!!!!   stay heavy my friends

  • Delaydistortion

    Don’t get left behind – get EMTY blackouts

  • Dnoperigominas

    allow yourself to be consumed by the beasts

  • “BLACKOUT everyone and everywhere…”

  • Lipsampaio

    eu to loko pra ganha . qe eu sou um put@ de fã 
    do slipknot

  • Zombie 13

    EMTY Blackouts – The Perfect Blackout

  • Aaron M.

    A Sound From Hell and Back!

  • Eric Van Deurzen

    Empty blackouts blast your slip out of a knot

  • Mdarrow27

    Nothing gets you blood pumping like blackouts

  • Stormwatch1977

    The Sound of Suffering

  • “Get Heavy, Get EMTY”

  • Matt Mann

    “Shred the Darkness”

  • Mask your ugly. Show off your tone.

  • Finnzaoz

    Blackout – Can you take the pain?

  • Stratotele

    Now available in Iowa.

  • Play it loud mofo!

  • Buy EMTYs or the mask comes off.

  • Nateaj

    blacker than the backist black

  • Hburgperson001

    Why settle for 10? Go for 11

  • Detune all you want…..
     We’ll Crunch More.

  • Atomic_punkk


  • Heather Verrette

    EMTY Blackouts, when you want their earholes pulverized

  • Atomic_punkk

     The Face Only A Mother Could Love, But The Tone Everybody Can Love

  • Chris

    Every other pick-up is simply blacked out.

  • Atomic_punkk

    Sound Better Than I Look

  • Briyan_15

    pray for forgivness

  • Atomic_punkk

    Got Mick?

  • Heather Verrette

    Makes the end of the world a perfect place to be.

  • Generivo Ramdaras

    Blackout – Can you handle the sound?
    (Not for the faint hearted)

  • Hernan gomez

    mick es los mas  para slipknot es unas de las banda mas escuchada para el genero nu metal

  • Southern Basterd

    my other comment lacked a bit so here the new one!

    Blackouts – You think you can handle the sound?
    (Not for faint hearted)

  • Jimmy Knowles

    Because Mick Says So. 

  • Dillen1991

    Faster, Darker, Tighter – when tone matters the most

  • The sound of SEVEN’s deadly sins.

  • Jeff Farmer

    There’s Metal and then there’s EMTY Blackouts.


  • Toth Miklos

    God created earth, we created hell

  • Powerful pickups to create and destroy soundwaves 

  • Jet_Jaguar

    For your black, emty heart. 

  • Blackouts EMTY: Take METAL to the next level.

  • Mecharoach

    EMTY Blackouts are sic (sic) sick!

  • Joefitness

    EMTY – Black Clown7: Rise

  • Jrunner34

    When metal isn’t enough, there’s EMTY Blackouts

  • EMTY Blackouts – So heavy, you’ll go Psychosocial 

  • Atomic_punkk

    Seymour Duncan + SEVEN = WIN!!

  • maynardo

    EMTYs – Tighten your evilest bottom end

  • have You ever heard hell opera??

  • Petr Cejka

    EMTY Blackouts are cool if you are dont have it you are fool 
    they have nice sound the cost of them is 189 pounds
    if you dont have them yet I will tell you how them get

  • Brian Sullivan

    If Dark Energy Is What You Seek…

  • EMTY Blackouts-The black core of metal

  • EMTY Blackouts: Rock Out and Knock Their Blocks Out.

  • Jasoncliffordclement

    Don’t let your tone go empty, get EMTY. 

  • Adbrok

    no less, just more

  • EMTY Blackouts: Rock Out and Knock Their Blocks Out.

  • Fill the EMTYness in your soul.

  • Sick Meskhy

    Blackout – We Proved That Darkness Sounds Brighter

  • Hell Is Just A Step Away

  • Cody

    Blackouts – Because sometimes the party ain’t heavy enough.

  • Dahla

    EMTY Blackouts – Even your mask will grin.

  • gregory bodish

    Is your tone empty?Get Duncan` EMTY Blackouts!

  • Nasty Nate

    Feel the Power of SEVEN and Blackout

  • matt

    Blackouts you’ll remember.

  • The sound is full, the pickups are EMTY.

  • Masta’ C

    Where Darkness Meets The Light of Day

  • Masta’ C

    Suprisingly Filling

  • Masta’ C

    When Your Gear is EMTY, Your Sound is FULL!

  • Masta’ C

    EMTY – Like Your Soul!

  • Masta’ C

    EMTY – The Face Behind The Tone

  • Masta’ C

    Only Slightly Nice…

  • 9unslin9er

    For a brutal time. MAKE IT EMTY TIME!!!

  • Masta’ C

    Personality…In A Pickup

  • Diluted in the shape of purity

  • Masta’ C

    Let The War of Tone Begin…

  • Masta’ C

    Because Other Actives Have No Soul…

  • Masta’ C

    9 Levels of Hell in a Pair of Pickups

  • Masta’ C

    Tone Even Demons Fear

  • Masta’ C

    The Ninth Level of Tone

  • Masta’ C

    Welcome to Mick Thomson’s Inferno…

  • Masta’ C

    The voice of an Angel…In Hell

  • Masta’ C

    And You Thought The Mask Was Scary…

  • Marcosmassacrexx

    Drop tuning ? Great sound ? Mick thompson blackouts , make your guitar godly

  • Marcosmassacrexx

    EMTY- you’ll remember this blackout forever

  • Masta’ C

    9 Levels of Hell, 2 Pickups

  • Astrowolfman

    Breathe in and Blackout

  • EMTY, not E-M-P-T-Y

  • EMTY, definitely not empty!

  • BlueSnMettle

    They’ll rip your face off!

  • Joe

    EMTY Blackouts- Nothing is as Heavy, Nothing is as Metal

  • Jace

    Get ’em while they’re hot.

  • EMTY – The Monster Tone…

  • Daniel Steen

    Forget the guitar gods, rule the underworld! Get Duncan!

  • Brian44

    Play EMTY Blackouts they’ll make your fans Blackout!

  • Stephen

    EMTY Blackouts – seven times as deadly.

  • Anonymous

    Make No Mask Take…

  • Macko9393

    EMTY Blackouts crushes every other sound

  • Mok Eric

    Bad to the Bone

  • Philipp

    Your Sound, your Style your Blackout! Or
    Blackout – Get it, love it and Rock Fu**ing hard!

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Finally, pickups capable of hitting the “brown note”!

  • Sean Asher

    EMTY-The true sound of a heretic

  • Al Sparks

    EMTY Blackouts Pulse of th Maggots

  • Al Sparks

    EMTY Blackouts Pulse of the Maggots

  • Apocalypse Tone…

  • Mario Mandujano

    Psychosocial aggressive tone? Get Seven. Get Blackouts. 

  • Milosz

    “None More Black”

  • Rapaul76

    Pure Heavy Metal!

  • Fear The Blackout

  • Complete Bloody Hell, and More

  • Andris green

    your search is over, EMTY, none more black.

  • Jimmy Arcade

    EMTY Blackouts: Heavy Metal Just Got Heavier!

  • Nixhex1311

    Crank it to “SEVEN”

  • Andris

    EMTY, black , loud and aggressive… got a problem?

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Humbuck Your Way to Darkness…

  • andris green

    play clean , play dirty, just play EMTY.

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Aggressive! Heavy! Blackouts!

  • Andris green

    industry leading, filth sound, industrial strength , EMTY pickups.

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Blackouts EMTY: Entertaining Mick’s Twisted Yearnings

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Extreme Metal Requires Extreme Tone!

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Signature Pickups. Signature Tone. Just ask Mick!

  • Jimmy Arcade

    EMTY Blackouts: They’ll Mess With Your Psyche!

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Extreme Metal Just Got More Extreme!

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Slip Out of Reality; Knot Out of Tone

  • Greg Riddle

    Y EMTY?  Y KNOT?

  • EMTY Blackouts: Heavy is not just for Breakfast.

  • Augustinebrillantes

    Sorry Mick.. but that EMTY blackouts is MINE!!!

  • Jimmy Arcade


  • Jimmy Arcade

    Extreme Makeover: Metal Edition (guest appearance by “Seven”)

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Give Your Guitar an Extreme Metal Makeover!


  • Am I smiling under this mask? You decide.

  • Paul H

    Mick Thompson +  EMTY Blackouts = Total Sonic Chaos!

  • Missvalerie22

    No Pain, All Gain

  • Jeff

    Once you go Black… You Never Go Back!

  • Metalmachine

    crush all your way

  • Spencer

    Freakin’ Brutal

  • Metalmachine

    crush all in your way

  • metalmachine

    let the brutality begin

  • metalmachine

    how low do you go

  • metalmachine

    they make your anus hurt

  • metalmachine

    the lower i go….. the more she likes it!

  • metalmachine

    fueled by the blood of dead hookers 

  • metalmachine

    without them your tone is EMpTY

  • Jeff

    The True Sound of Rage…

  • Jimmy Changa

    Taking Seven to Eleven!

  • Eric Cox

    EMTY Blackouts: So much better than Jägermeister Blackouts!

  • Efnaka

    Seven Sins, Seven Tones

  • Efnaka

    Seven Sins, Seven Tones, Seven screams

  • Efnaka

    Seven Sins, Seven Screams

  • Efnaka

    Seven Sins, EMTY screams

  • Efnaka

    Quiet as Death, Loud as Hell

  • EMTY nothing but tone into your guitar

  • Efnaka

    Seven Blackouts

  • Efnaka

    Seven Rules, Seven Blackouts

  • Efnaka

    Seven rules, EMTY screams

  • Efnaka

    Seven rules, one blackout

  • Efnaka

    Seven rules, two blackouts

  • Efnaka

    Seven tones

  • Efnaka

    One axe, Seven tones

  • Efnaka

    As quiet as possible, as loud as possible

  • Efnaka

    As quiet as loud

  • Efnaka

    Two blackouts, Seven rules

  • Efnaka

    one blackout, Seven rules

  • Efnaka

    Lights on, blackouts

  • Efnaka

    The sound behind the mask

  • Efnaka

    The pickups behind the mask

  • Efnaka

    The man behind the mask, the pickup behind the axe

  • Efnaka

    Seven blackouts

  • Efnaka

    Unmasked sound

  • Efnaka


  • Efnaka


  • Efnaka

    quiet, but loud

  • Big Red

    Brutality Awaits

  • EMTY Blackouts accurately amplify Heavy tones..Killer pickups.

  • Pure Bloody Hell.  And More.









  • Daniel

    Shred til you blackout

  • Jason Judge

    Got drink? Give your guitar a shot. Blackouts.

  • Jason Judge

    EMTY Blackout…  Use them, or else….

  • Mick Thomson, not Mickey Mouse

  • Beware…

  • It’s What’s Inside That Counts

  • Tight And Fat, Like Mick’s Wife (run away quick!)

  • More Cutting, More Trauma

  • Sounds Scarier than Him

  • They’re Actually Really Nice

  • Actives Never Looked & Sounded So Good


  • Nicknotmetal

    unholy organic tone

  • JBM

    Face melting tone

  • Attitude Is Everything

  • Shredding Never Sounded More Appropriate

  • Shred Your Heart Out

  • Let It Bleed

  • Destructive Tone Is Imminent

  • T3h Br00tal 1z

  • Lock In Your Tone

  • The E & Y Stand For Enigmatic & You

  • Metaldave768


  • Want HEAVY?… Get EMTY…

  • Nap time is OVER

  • Arbor W


  • DrNewcenstein

    Seymour Duncan EMTY Blackouts
    The Sound That Looks Like This

  • Philipp

    Blackouts – Get it and raised Hell!

  • Philipp

    Emty – The Heavy way of Destiny

  • Philipp

    EMTY – Put some Metal to your Buckers

  • Philipp

    Blackouts – If you don’t play them, you don’t play guitar.

  • Dahla

    EMTY Blackouts – True Tone don’t need slogans!

  • Dahla

    Seymour Duncan EMTY Blackouts – Not a Slogan, Just Tone!

  • I’m Mick Thomson and if you don’t play EMTY’s then f**k you.

    All Hope is Gone… for passives.

    Passives = S**t

    Wait and Bleed tone

    If the JB’s 555, these are 666

    If it’s good enough for Slipknot…

    Maggots Beware

    Not your Average Active

    Also known as the SD 82

    Danger – Keep Away

    Also in Vermillion (JK)

    So much tone it’ll make your head spin, or swim, or explode, it’ll do something. 

  • Paul

    Giving you the sound of thunder!

  • Anonymous

    The NOW sound of Australia…Soundwave 2012 and EMTY

  • When heavy isn’t heavy enough

  • Mrkurka

    EMTY Blackouts It’ll even make the devil scream!

  • Mrkurka

    EMTY Blckouts The seventh level of HELL

  • Mrkurka

    EMTY Blackouts The seventh level of tone. Are you brave enough for it?

  • Mrkurka

    EMTY Blackouts The seventh level of metal Ecstasy

  • Dahla

    EMTY Blackouts – The Un-Subliminal Pickup

  • Tubesters

    A New Darkness falls upon the earth…….

  • Stuart Deakin-Berry

    Do I look like I’m taking the Micky?

  • its cool because i use them

  • Efnaka

    Mick Toneson

  • Efnaka

    EMTY: Mick’s Toneson

  • Efnaka

    Blackouts EMTY: Mick’s Toneson

  • S Huck


  • Feel the Pulse of the Maggots

  • Jrbowen81

    Your cure for power shortage!

  • Anonymous

    Can You Fear Me Now?

  • Andrew

    From the crushing depths…Blackouts.

  • Mark L Hauenstein

    There’s No Hiding From The Beautiful Noise !

  • Thomas Frisch

    Shredders Anonymous

  • Mrkurka

    EMTY Blackouts The seventh tone of HELL!

  • Szilard-n

    The Power Of The Darkness

  • Szilard-n

    Tune Low Play Slow

  • Szilard-n

    Fear The Dark Side

  • Szilard-n

    The Pure (SIC)ness

  • Szilard-n

    Here Comes The Pain

  • Szilard-n

    Get This Or Die

  • Szilard-n

    The Mayhem

  • Szilard-n

    The Dark Side Of Your Tone

  • Szilard-n

    Feel The Raw Power

  • Jimmy Arcade

    Sharpen Your Axe on the EMTY GrindsTone!

  • EMTY Blackouts: Keep diggin’ deeper

  • The terra nova of tone

  • Efnaka

    Detune and detonate

  • Efnaka

    The deadliest blackout

  • Cut loose that which binds your tone

  • ChaosReigns

    EMTY Blackouts are so heavy you’ll have to re-assemble your jaw from being dropped so hard on the ground.

  • Fernando Leal

    Just look at him. You know they’re brutal!

  • Szilard-n

    The Power Of The Darkness

  • Szilard-n

    The Pure (SIC)ness

  • Szilard-n

    Get This Or Die

  • Szilard-n

    Tune Low Play Slow

  • Szilard-n

    Here Comes The Pain

  • Szilard Ötvös

    Feel The Raw Power

  • Anonymous

    None More Black.

  • Anonymous

    The Other Side of Black

  • Anonymous

    Blackness, Blackness All Around.

  • Chris Marple

    “EMTY Blackouts – The New Seventh Deadly Sin”

  • Stuart Deakin-Berry

    Lights out, its showtime!

  • Stuart Deakin-Berry

    Are you afraid of the dark?

    I’m not afraid of the dark, are you?

    Mick isn’t afraid of the dark, are you?

    Afraid of the dark? You should be!

  • Stuart Deakin-Berry

    Night light not included!

  • Stuart Deakin-Berry

    Sound travels further at night

  • Stuart Deakin-Berry

    You won’t see it coming

    You can’t see it but you’ll sure hear it

    You won’t see it coming, Mick did

  • EMTY Blackouts : FULL Tone

    EMTY Blackouts: Tone to Kill

    EMTY Blackouts: Killer Tone

  • EMTY Blackouts – If you don’t play them, you don’t play guitar.

  • Stuart Deakin-Berry

    You’ll scream in the dark

    Night Terrors

    Hear them scream in the dark/night

    Make day turn to night

    Not a dream but/just a nightmare

    Where nightmares come true

    Make all your nightmares come true

  • They’ll eat your soul!

  •   Designed for power, make it scream

  • dibble

    are they as evil as he looks? yes, yes they are!

  • Flgators97

    tone has never been this ‘SIC’

  • Fperez337


  • Paul

    Dark Matter Lives

  • Fperez337


  • Jimmycliffmarley

    The contest ended yesterday ya boneheads.

  • Stuart Deakin-Berry

    Any winners?

  • Johnny Million


  • ashoke bhattacherjee

    See more in the dark.
    Seymour Duncan Blackouts.

  • My Kinda Ugly Goes Clear To The Heart

  • EMTY Pickups: Sound from The PIT of HELL!

  • Jaysuschrist

    They’ll tear the already flesh-less face right off!

  • Face the Music
    Before It Faces You

  • Jimmycliffmarley

    FYI retards. The contest was over 4 days ago.

    • Stuart Deakinberry

      I am not a retard I was simply asking if there were any winners lol 😉

  • Too2loud4you

    Blackouts EMTY…. Fill the blackhole in your tone…

  • Never Born, Never Died, Seriously Live (or Alive)

  • ashoke bhattacherjee

    See more in the dark.
    Seymour Duncan PickupTone Soul Black

  • Josh in NJ


  • Anonymous

    Visage of tone – Absence of light

  • Anonymous

    Crushing Eclipse

  • Anonymous

    The Preemtive Strike

  • Anonymous

    Nobody heard this coming

  • Anonymous

    Fill the void with EMPTYness

  • Anonymous

    And the rain begins to fall

  • Anonymous

    Can you hear this smile!?

  • Anonymous


  • Lem Genovese


  • Stevelovestodig

    Emty, the new Black

  • rule your sound rule your soul

  • Peter Putschi

    Choose your weapon


  • Techboy57

    Blacker than Night

  • J.ToddW

    LOOK DEEP… Embrace the EMTYness!

  • Anonymous

    EMTY Blackouts: It’s METAL AGAIN.

  • So mean. They will knock your MASK OFF