Seymour Duncan Liberator Solderless System, Part 1: The Two-Minute Pickup Change VIDEO

Posted on by patricia

Have you seen the new Seymour Duncan Liberator Solderless System? Watch Frank install a pickup in just under two minutes using the Liberator Solderless System. And you can’t miss, even if you try, his yellow guitar.

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  • dan lawson


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  • tone4days

    nice job frank
    sweet 540s … i have a 540s-ltd (w/o locking trem) that i seymourized with a C5b – duck – 59n … fattened up that thin body straight away .. mine is cherry burst though … more understated than the gambale yellow :-)

    gotta love the cameo by seymour

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  • Jim Cox

    Very cool! Why don’t they just make all electric guitars this way?
    Also, I like the yellow guitar very much! I have a similar guitar in red, and I would trade you.

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  • Pjrocks54

    All well and good, but, where’s the directions for installing the Liberator pot itself?

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