Introducing The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop SLUG

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Seymour Duncan Custom Shop SLUG

The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop will make pretty much anything, from the most accurate vintage-recreation pickups to some pretty out-there stuff. Case in point: SLUG. On the surface it looks like the Hawkbucker (a 10.1k humbucker with plenty of low end and a moderate output), but inside it’s a very different beast indeed. SLUG uses Ceramic magnets (the Hawkbucker uses Alnico V) and its DC Resistance comes in at a whopping 48k. It’s the most powerful passive humbucker we’ve ever produced. It lives for stoner/doom metal. It’ll drink all your beer and go through your stuff, but it’ll also help you move house because it’s cool like that. It once hog-tied a Rancor. It patched things up between Mork and Mindy when things were looking a little rough. It likes long walks by the swamp. REAL long walks. It was the one who nicknamed John Wayne ‘The Duke.’ It drives you home when you’ve had too much to drink and then it hides your phone so you can’t drunk-text your ex. It’s SLUG.

So how does it sound? Well, despite the whopping output, it’s got plenty of punch. It’ll hit your preamp hard and give you plenty of sustain. And it’s great for downtuned sludge, where it’ll cut through huge amounts of distortion. Check out Ola Englund rocking the SLUG in metal and sludge modes.

And here’s Keith Merrow playing a prototype SLUG (in a prototype KM-6 6-string version of his Schecter signature model).

SLUG is available right now in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop store for an introductory price of $130 for the six-string version, and a matching neck model is also available. And we can also make SLUG in 7 and 8-string versions ($170).

Seymour Duncan 48k SLUG

Written on June 11, 2014, by Peter

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  • Patryk Luna

    can we get a Invader vs SLUG vs Nuzgul vs Pegasus video from Keith please? I’m really having a hard time figuring out which one is the beefiest of them all.

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      Absolutely, Keith is on tour right now but as he returns that we will be working on the comparison video to the add the Slug, Nazgul, Pegasus, Black Winter.


    this demo is TOO metal.. i want to hear it in a normal situation with a variety of amps… a marshall, a orange, a fender… and in a ´normal´guitar we all know like a STRAT and a LP maybe that would be cool to get an idea…

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Levi

      i agree with this. put one in a strat or tele and plug it straight into something without any pedals or processors, like a jcm 800 or something. thats how real men get their stoner rock tone.

    • yeah- even as someone who plays this kind of music, I’d like to hear what these sound like thrown into a lower end guitar, and most especially with low end amps. With the right effects chain you can make anything awesome- I want to know what it will sound like using my Vox mini III Amp(its actually a great little amp, considering how small it is and how little it costs)

  • Matt

    I would like to hear it with a good southern bluesy doom/stoner/black sabbath sound…and it vs a duncan invader (cuz that’s my current favorite pickup)

    • SeymourDuncanBlog

      Eventually we should have a wider variety demo.

  • Ethan

    The Slug looks like it was made for Doom, and Sludge. I’d really like to hear it as such. I got a guitar that needs that active pickup nonsense ripped out, and this seams like the only sensible pickup to drop in the bridge.

  • Matheus Manente

    How would you guys describe the Slug tone in comparison to, let’s say, the Duncan Distortion or maybe the JB? Thank you very much!

  • Joe Gabbard

    Actually thought it was a spoof when I read the resistance value.

  • Jackson Andrew Lewis

    can they coil split?

  • Johnson

    Awesome! Reminds me of the orchestral depths of Bruckner and Wagner!!

  • oneblackened

    What is this, 45AWG? Only way I can figure how you’d get 48k worth of wire onto a normal sized pickup.

  • Scott

    I love the sound of this pickup!

    If I were to put it in the bridge position- what would be your recommendation for a HSH configuration? The guitar is a Stratocaster.

  • Jose Cordova

    I would like to hear how it sound with standard tuning ! great stuff !

  • George Booth

    How would the Slug handle Black Metal? I know that’s what the Black Winter pick-up was designed for, but I still want to hear Black Metal played using a Slug.

  • ffcwoods

    Is there any way to get a play through of this in different scenarios before I drop $170 on this?

  • JacktheSnack

    How about doing a demo on a stock Gibson SG Standard or explorer then having the Slug put in to contrast?