Preston Reed Turns The Acoustic Guitar into a Journey

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Preston Reed has long been recgnoized as a pioneering acoustic guitar player, with his two handed integrated percussive approach turning a guitar into a symphony and amazing people who are surprised that so many sounds could be created at once, by one man. As with many things, seeing and hearing is believing.

At a young age, Preston took to playing his fathers guitar. When Preston was 15, he went to see Hot Tuna and was deeply inspired by the fretwork of Jorma Kaukonen. Energized, Preston went on to push himself and his creativity to develop his own unique style, and as a result developed a style that has been defining and revolutionary to this day. Preston has released 15 studio albums, toured the world numerous times and videos of his performances are commonly shared by acoustic guitar players. Preston, can currently be found touring the United Kingdom and Europe, playing his signature Bailey Guitar with the D-TAR, an acoustic guitar pickup that combines the piezoelectric pickup with a condenser microphone to give you a full and natural tone. Preston also uses the Solstice, a two-channel preamp mixer that can combine any two sound sources.

After nearly 25  years, Preston Reed continues to amaze audiences and is currently working on a new album. For tour dates and more information on Preston, please visit:

Written on February 2, 2012, by Kat King

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  • Marcel

    Mark Bailey is a brilliant luthier, Preston Reed a brilliant guitar player.nCombine those two and you get this.n