The Seymour Duncan Band Gets Around

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The Seymour Duncan Band Gets Around

The Seymour Duncan Band gets around. We’ve played all over USA, North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. But some of our most enjoyable shows are right here in our own backyard of Santa Barbara, California. Every year Santa Barbara hosts Old Spanish Days  (aka "Fiesta"), which is the biggest party west of Mardi Gras. It’s five days of pageants, parades, pancake breakfasts, rodeos, receptions, mariachis, and a way for us to celebrate the Spanish, Mexican and Native American heritage of Santa Barbara. It’s also an excuse for folks to listen to live music, do a few shots of tequila, dance, eat super fresh Mexican food from makeshift stands, and engage in general debauchery.

The Seymour Duncan Band is a regular fixture at Fiesta. We always kick off the Saturday night festivities with a free concert in the center of Old Downtown. There are photos from the show here and you can catch a video of us playing Steve Earle’s "Copperhead Road" here . Joining me in the Seymour Duncan Band are Evan Skopp on guitar and vocals, Chris Manning on guitar and vocals, Arvee Park on keyboards and vocals, Jill Avery on bass and vocals, and Donna Eveland on drums.

Written on August 8, 2010, by Kat King

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