The Dropkick Murphy’s Duncanize

Photo above: Guitarist

Tim Brennan

The Dropkick Murphy’s dropkick Duncan’s into their guitars with help from tech extraordinaire …..drum roll please….. Grizz Middleton!

It’s Saint Patrick day every day when you’re with the Dropkick Murphy’s.

A rare blend of Irish-American Celtic Punk, these guys keep the heavy guitar tones, accordions, and banjos true to their roots. Three axe men are needed to fill the full rhythmic and melodic sound of the Murphy’s. Seymour Duncan is very proud and honored to help them translate that to their fans.

Guitarist James Lynch is a big Slash fan. It was nothing but natural for him to gravitate towards the Slash APH-2 for his Les Pauls.

Tim Brennan gets a fatter vintage tone in his 335’s with the SH-1 59’s.

And Jeff Darosa gets a fuller mid heavy tone out of his tele’s with the STHR-1 hot rails and keeps the rhythm crystal clear with the sa-6 in his acoustics.

You can see the Dropkick Murphy

’s on tour now.
Don’t forget to check out their new album Going Out In Style in stores and online.

Photo above: James Lynch

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