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Voices Of Metal
Siberia is known as a large remote expanse of the earth that is unforgivingly cold. Even among this cold landscape, there can be hard metal with a brutal tone. This week we discover dedication, drive and death metal in Siberia with Dmitry Sukhinin of Defect Designer.

Defect Designer
Dmitry Sukhinin

In 2007 Defect Designer started with their 4-track promo recording W even though the reaction to W was very positive, the band still did not have a label so in 2008, the band took a giant leap of faith and decided they must record a full album in a proper studio. On their own initiative and without any support, they went to the closest proper place to record – Hertz studio in Poland, (Dmitry and the band flew to Moscow, then took a train to Warsaw, and then another train to Bialystok- about 3,000 miles from their hometown) and recorded their full-length CD now released by My Kingdom Music – Wax. Defect Designer started as a 5-piece monster; now Defect Designer is a quartet. Their 4-track promo recording W was released worldwide by Forces Of Satan records in 2009. They work tirelessly and gig through the endless winters and continue to work on making the best of the new Defect Designer.
Which guitars do you own that has Seymour Duncan pickups?
“Currently my main axe is my custom Mayones 7-string Setius with Blackouts. Best guitar I’ve ever seen with an amazingly brutal sound!”

“Also, our full-length CD was recorded also with Seymour Duncan pickups – 99.9% of the parts were with my Jackson RR loaded with the SH-2 and SH-4. These pickups are not manufactured specifically for extreme metal but they sound just perfect with our stuff! We also have a stick with active Mick Thomson pickups. You know that when you ask any guitarist how many guitars are enough, the reply is always something along the lines of, “one more.” It is the same with Seymour Duncan, I’d like to have more.”
Listen to a track off their album: when your face doesn’t melt snowflakes
How would you describe your playing?
“Well, it’s always hard to describe your own stuff. First of all, it is more complicated than one might think when one listens to it for the first time. The tuning is quite low, the debut album Wax is sometimes really cold and sometime full of rage but it is always full of speed. Defect Designer is a challenge to its members and every member works hard at it.”
What difficulties did you encounter being a rock musician in Russia?
“Only passionate people may be musicians. It is the same is in Russia, but the music business is more complicated here. If you play metal and especially death metal,  you must prepare for war! However, it is all worth it- nothing can compare with the feeling of when you hear your music live, and the audience appreciates it – this sensation is the perpetual motion engine! ”
“Russia is the biggest land on our planet, that’s why if you’re tour, the distance of your travel may become enormous. In Russia, there are tons of problems from the very beginning. Music gear is very expensive here – especially from foreign manufacturers. The stocking level of local dealers is very low and the choice of instruments and amps is not very large. I think that this is the main reason for the small amount of bands in our country.”
What is your worst gig experience?
“The worst gig is no gig. We have had such experiences when a promoter fails to organize the event properly and the gig is cancelled. Unfortunately, in Russia this is all too common. To prevent this you must make sure that you work with the proper people. People whom are your friends. People whom are responsible with burning eyes who stay up all late to make sure everything is working properly.”
What is you favorite musical experience?
“I yet hope it is in the future and connected with my band! I have plenty of ideas, we will go further with new stuff, it’s going to be different, our sound will grow. Our next album will not be the second Wax CD. ”
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