NAMM Day 3: Artists Galore!

It was another exciting day here at the Seymour Duncan NAMM booth. We had a terrific turnout today with lots of musicians stopping by to hobnob with fans and get a close look at the Seymour Duncan 35 guitar.

Guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen signing at the Seymour Duncan.

George Lynch of Lynch

Mob and Alex Skolnick of Testament ready to rock.

Drowning Pool’s C.J.

Pierce and Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares.

C.J. and Dino signing at the Seymour Duncan booth signing autographs and shaking hands at the Custom Shop desk.

An impromptu

performance by Eric Gales captivated everyone around the stage.

What’s on the menu?

Every guitar in the booth is described on nearby menus.

First look at the

Seymour Duncan 35 limited edition guitar. Don’t forget to take the really short survey HERE. We’re giving this baby away!
Stompbox central: The

pedal station is wired up for headphone tone tasting.

R.J. (Check out his band here), Dewi, Patricia and Alison modeling Seymour Duncan’s new styles available in 2011.

The Seymour Duncan Artist Party.

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