Seymour Duncan Stories 1: Brandino, ESP’s Mr. Shibuya, Lonestar, and more…

People often come up and tell us about how much Seymour Duncan means to them or  talk about their first significant pickup revelation. We often wish we had a camera rolling. So, to help kick off our 35th Anniversary year, we’re capturing videos of Seymour Duncan Stories, beginning at NAMM 2011. Here’s bassist Kevin “Brandino” Brandon, talking about his encounter with Seymour in 1975. For more Seymour Duncan Stories, visit our YouTube channel.


Let us know if you would like to submit your own Seymour Duncan story.

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  1. seymour wound me a set of pick ups in London in 1972… they transformed my Burns british guitar and today I still use his pick ups

  2. en punto de “cantar”. y si no sabes cantar? y si cantas muy mal hasta el punto de romper los cristales? xD

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