Adding A Bridge Pickup Switch To A Strat

Strats are versatile guitars. We can get a ton of different sounds from them, and that’s why we play them. The one thing you can’t do, however, is get your neck and bridge pickups selected at the same time for that Tele middle-position kind of sound). Well, with this diagram, you are one push/pull away from being able to do just that. This diagram uses a push/pull to turn on the bridge pickup IN ADDITION TO whatever is selected by the 5-way switch. So, if you have the neck pickup selected, and you pull the push/pull, you will have your neck and bridge pickups both on at the same time.
As an extra benefit, if your 5-way is set to the neck/middle position, you can get all three pickups on at the same time by pulling the push/pull. Enjoy!
And for more wiring tips, check out our wiring diagram library.

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