Alnico II Humbucker Tone Profiles

Learn the tonal differences between our Alnico II Humbucker guitar pickups


Antiquity™ Humbucker

Neck DCR: 7.7k // Bridge DCR: 8.6k

Antiquity Humbucker with EQ chart Alnico ii

The vintage accurate wind and custom aged Alnico II magnet provide an open tone, with a full low-end, scooped mid-range, and refined treble emphasis.


Seth Lover™

Neck DCR: 7.4k // Bridge DCR: 8.3k

Seth Lover Humbucker with EQ chart

The original PAF Humbucker design gifted to Seymour by Seth Lover himself – provides an open, uncompressed tone with full low end warmth and sweet, responsive highs.


Alnico II™ Pro

Neck DCR: 7.5k // Bridge DCR: 8.4k

Alnico II Pro™ Humbucker with EQ chart

Deliver a warm, sweet tone full of natural sustain and a thick, singing high end. Featuring more low-end emphasis than the Seth Lover or Antiquity Humbuckers.


Pearly Gates™

Neck DCR: 7.3k // Bridge DCR: 8.1k

Pearly Gates Humbucker with EQ chart

The unique vintage output wind and Alnico II magnet pairing create a PAF-inspired pickup with enhanced mid-range emphasis and sizzling highs.


Slash Signature Alnico II Pro

Neck DCR: 8.3k // Bridge DCR: 8.9k

Slash signature Alnico ii pro Humbucker with EQ Chart

Designed for Slash to deliver a slightly increased output, more prominent midrange attack, and a touch of added compression.


Custom Custom

Bridge DCR: 14.1k

Custom Custom Humbucker with EQ chart

Medium hot output combined with the warmth of an Alnico II bar magnet delivers a full, fat sound with singing highs and buttery lows.



Duality Humbucker with EQ chart

Active humbucker with a unique architecture that combines the best of active and passive tonalities – a strong midrange, punchy and articulate lows with a three-dimensional high end.

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