Andromeda Scores Premier Gear Award From Premier Guitar

“The Dynamic Expression’s reactive nature makes the delay feel more like an instrument.” That’s the verdict on the Andromeda Dynamic Delay from Premier Guitar’s Joe Charupakorn, who just honored the Andromeda with a Premier Gear award.

You can read the full review here, but here are a few of our favorite comments:

“There’s no shortage of great delays on the market. But the Seymour Duncan Andromeda’s dynamic capabilities effectively make it an instrument as much as an effect. You can bend it to your will in infinite ways. And if you’re a creative player, it’s sure to inspire new directions that you might have otherwise missed.”

“Seymour Duncan is best known for pickups, but the company has fast developed a stellar line of effects that runs from dirt to delay. Many of Seymour Duncan’s new pedals are deep, feature-rich affairs.”

“The dynamic expression functionality, which controls responsiveness to picking dynamics, really distinguishes the Andromeda. I loved using it for dynamic modulation—setting it up to feature prominently when I played soft and roll back when I played harder, and creating a nice dialogue between aggressive single-note riffs and hazy, soft chords.”

Go here for more information on the Andromeda’s many features.

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