Best Guitar Pickups For Epiphone

Epiphone is well loved by many for their semi-hollow bodies, their range of selection and affordable prices. You may be ready to pull the trigger your first Les Paul style guitar but your credit card may refuse such a purchase – an Epiphone LP is a good alternative. After getting their hands on an Epiphone, it’s not uncommon for people to make a couple upgrades, including changing out the stock pickups to something with more output, less mud and more clarity, or just to get a sound more to their liking. In this new article we look at some great choices, most of which will work for a whole host of the many Epiphone models out there.


Epiphone Les Paul

epiphonememeIf you’re looking that classic tone vintage rock and blues tone, the ’59 gives you a great PAF character: after all it’s built to recreate one of the most highly desired tones, known to many as the holy grail of tone, a ’59 Les Paul. For a little more edge, the Whole Lotta Humbucker takes you up to the stairway of an era. It features sand-cast magnets and a special winding pitch developed by Seymour when he worked in London in the days of what we now call classic rock.

The Pearly Gates is also a great choice, giving you a very clear, sweet tone that gets plenty rude when overdriven, perfect for classic rock or blues. For those looking for a versatile, smooth and warm tone perfect for rock and blues, the Slash Alnico II Pro can perform well:

Here’s the Slash Alnico II Pro in an Epiphone Les Paul.

KORINAWhile all these pickups mentioned so far can be ordered in sets, you may prefer more variety between your two humbuckers: for instance a brighter tone for one and warmer tone for the other. For those that want a more warm PAF neck pickup, go with the ’59. For a more sweeter/brighter tone, go with the Pearly Gates. An Alnico II Pro in the bridge and a Pearly Gates in the neck will also give you plenty of range, with a fat, warm and smooth neck tone and all the biting brightness in the bridge. And of course the JB/Jazz Hot Rodded combo will give you tons of versatility, with singing highs from the bridge pickup and plenty of articulation for soloing in the neck position. While some love the JB at 500K, consider going to 250K pots to tame the highs just a bit.

For those looking for a more modern tone for rock/hard rock or metal – the Custom will supply plenty of midrange and crunch, with cutting leads. The Pearly Gates neck matches it perfectly, and both will sound great in mahogany.  The Custom 5 (a Custom with an Alnico 5 magnet for more open midrange and richness) is also a good middle-of-the-road choice.



Epiphone Sheraton


The most desired choices would be either the Antiquity or Seth Lover. Each will give you a great open, airy, clear and articulate tone. Neither are wax potted, so you get an open sound which is the way the originals were made. Another great choice for a full, warm and smooth tone is the ’59 pickup. These options are also true of the ES-335 and other variants. (By the way, anything ‘vintage’ that we make is wound on the very same Leesona machine used to make original humbuckers in Kalamazoo back in the 50s).

Gracefully aged to look and SOUND like a PAF from the '50s.
The Antiquity pickups are gracefully aged to look and SOUND like a PAF from the ’50s.

nighthawkFor those with an Epiphone Nighthawk, Seymour Duncan offers special ‘slanted‘ versions of the ’59 and JB models for the bridge position. This gives extra warmth to the low strings, but keep in mind though that if you are looking for these pickups you might not find them at your local store or even online: you’ll need to ask your favorite music dealer to order them for you.


If you’ve upgraded the pickups on your Epiphone, share with us in the comments which you put in and how it changed the tone.



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  1. On my, Blonde Maple, Sheraton II I used a Model 59 on the neck and an Alnico II Pro on the bridge. I play Jazz and Blues with the occasional Rock.

    1. Hey MetalMan – are you going for a more metal tone or something more versatile/vintage for the G400?

        1. The ’59 is an all around great choice for a vintage tone without knowing which guitar you are putting them in.

    2. I used to have a Pearly Gates in the neck and a SH-4 in the bridge of my vintage faded SG and it was amazing. I really miss that guitar!

          1. Thanks! She certainly was a beauty and I wish I still owned her. I recommend that model to anyone who is in the market for an Epiphone G-400. They can be found used for a decent price and are worth every penny. Just be careful not to mistake them for the more recent version that lacks the neck binding as they do not compare at all to the older model.

    1. The Custom Custom is a great choice, just a bit hotter than vintage but lots of midrange, really nice harmonics too!

    1. What are you looking for? A more Gretsch kind of sound? Something more raunchy with more output? Or something articulate and vintage sounding? The Seth Lover pickups sound extraordinary in a hollowbody.

  2. Gibson 57′ Classic and Classic plus in a double-bound Les Paul Deluxe. A $3500 guitar for a $800 price tag.

      1. Snobbery…I had a ’73 Gibby LP Custom back in the day that I had to sell when times got tough. I picked up an Epi 60’s tribute LP a few years back. Had a great setup done and guess what? Feels and plays a whole lot like my ’73, your hands, fingers and ears don’t forget. We would have our narcissistic head in the sand to think that other places in the modern world cannot build a decent instrument. Admittedly, PUPs and electronics are far worth the upgrade but the heart and soul of the guitar is in there. No harm no foul, I was a Gibby snob too when I could afford to be.

        1. Inexpensive new guitars are made just as well, and if you find a good one – just change the pickups and hardware, then you have a guitar 99% as good as a 1959 LP for $100K+……

  3. ’09 Epiphone G400 ’66 reissue in silverburst. Put a Custom 5 in the bridge, and I loved the cleans and dirty tones I got so much I barely use the neck pup anymore.

  4. I rewired my Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe (ES-5) with CTS 500k potentiometers, vintage style “push-back” cloth shielded wire, orange drop capacitor, and rewired the leads to the P-90s with the same vintage style “push-back” cloth shielded wire. With a Bigsby it is currently my favorite guitar.

  5. Epi Dot Deluxe with the gold covered Seth Lover set: sweetest pickups I have ever, ever played. Absolutely beautiful tone.

    1. I want to weigh in again, after a years worth of playing and buying and selling guitars.
      Since I wrote that comment, I’ve gotten an Epi 1966 G400 Pro off of clearance in TV Silver, and an amazingly pretty cherry Epi ES-339. Both have Epi’s newer ‘Alnico Classic Pro’ pickups* and the push/pull controls to split either or both pickups. I’m shocked how good they are, especially in the semi-hollow. Adjusted closer to the pickguard, these pickups are really sweet and round sounding.
      They have pretty much all the qualities you’d look for from a vintage Gibson, and the flexibility of blending in respectable single coil tones with the coil split.
      They’re not *better* sounding than the Seth Lovers (which I’ve never heard split) but they’re not too far off.
      Through a modified Bugera V22, both these guitars sound awesome, and can pretty much equal the 335 clone with the Seths. The SG is more of a classic rock machine, while the ES-339 is gorgeous and subtle, and perhaps the best guitar around its price point.
      * as opposed to the earlier Alnico Classic (without the “Pro”) pickups that seemed a fat, muddy mess.

  6. Epi Joe Bonamassa Goldtop which came with Gibby Burstbuckers 2 and 3 and neck and bridge respectively and I am happy with them… only changed out to CTS 550K pots, PIO caps and Switchcraft switch and jack. Epi Dot with Seth Lovers and duplicated the aforementioned harness. Kramer Focus 1000 with a 59 Classic Hybrid wired on CTS 550K pots in a spin-a-split configuration, and Tele with Little 59 in the bridge wired for coil splitting with a push/pull pot. LOVE my Duncans!

  7. I’ve got a G400. Got two issues. 1 The 5th and 6th strings have got a dead, kinda woody sound to them, on both pickups, so not sure if it’s the PUs or another issue. 2 The volume pots are very on/off and I like to be able to roll back and clean the sound up. Ideally like a smooth fusion sound with OD and a snappy clean Jazz tone on clean. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Alan, fusion varies quite a bit but the Custom 5 (SH-14) would sound great in your guitar and give some great snappy and crystal clear cleans. A Jazz in the neck would also help out.

  8. There’s not much choice for Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue, because of strange bridge “slant” humbucker. I replaced the stock one with SH-4 which gave at least noticeable improvement in sound. Generally speaking the tone characteristics is similar, but SH-4 sounds more interesting, and has character that is missing from stock NHT humbucker. I would describe the tone as warm, deep and powerful. The only thing I was surprised is that SH-4 for Nighthawk is standard-spaced (50 mm) while Nighthawk is F-spaced. I hope it doesn’t affect the tone.

    1. I ran into this problem on mine when I installed a ’59 model. The low strings are at the edge of the pole pieces.It made the low strings sound weird. I think no 2 are alike. Ive seen pictures of some that the pickup looks fine and some that didn’t.

  9. How about us Epiphone BASS lovers? I’ve got an Allen Woody Rumblekat bass, and while the pickups are OK, I’d love to see some options with Seymour Duncan. So….whattya got?

  10. Honeyburst Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a swapped bridge pickup. I made the switch to the JB and I kept the 500k pots. Sounds AMAZING!!!

  11. What would be the “best” pickup setup for a low tuned Les Paul that likes to have a bit hot and just a bit more modern tune, but without the lots of midrange? I wouldnt like modern high gain pickups and lose all the magic of a les paul vintag-ish sounding guitar.

    1. I might try a JB down to about Drop C, and a Duncan Distortion below that.
      If you want a slightly scooped pickup, try the Custom 5.

  12. Hey , I got a Epi LP Black Beauty 3, I want to upgrade my neck and bridge position, I like the way the invaders sound or maybe the 59/custom, I want to put it through a lot of gain!! hehe

  13. I recently put P’Rails and Triple Shots in my Epiphone Dot Studio. I now have an extremely versatile guitar that sounds good clean of dirty. This is it halfway through the operation.

      1. It LOOKS good, but I’ve seen pretty guitars feel and sound like shite, while sometimes ugly ones play and sound wicked….not unlike women..!

  14. I don’t usually swap out the pickups in my guitars as I tend to buy the stock instrument based on the fact I love it’s tone… but if I was to get an Epi I would make the following pickup swaps depending on the style of music I intend to use it for,
    1) classic rock, blues, rock – Alnico II Pro Slash in the bridge and a Pearly Gates in the neck. 2) modern metal/hard rock – Dimebucker in the bridge and either a ’59, Pearly Gates or Jazz in the neck.

  15. JB & Jazz in my red/black sparkleburst ltd edition Epiphone Les Paul Standard, it really sings now!

  16. 2004 Elitist ’57 Gold Top with a set of Seth Lovers and an RS Guitarworks vintage harness. Hard to beat at any price!

  17. I owned an Epiphone Les Paul and it LOVED Duncan Distortions. If you have more money than sense, you could buy some Bareknuckle Nailbombs (with the ceramic bridge magnet) and it would probably sound pretty damn good (of course, that would be silly as you’d be putting 300 dollar pickups into a 450 dollar guitar).

  18. I upgraded my Epiphone G400 faded with a Gibson Burstbucker Pro in the bridge position. Then I took the original Epiphone bridge humbucker and replaced the neck humbucker with it.
    Talk about a loud guitar! Really great tone, classic SG snarl with rudeness built in!

  19. SG? I have a light weight SG, need to cover the history of The Allman Brothers. I currently have a PG in the neck and a JB in the bridge. Looking for something maybe a little mellower in the neck and a little more low end (note this is a light SG) in the bridge?

    1. Duncan ’59s and SGs are a match made in heaven.
      You could even try a ’59 in the neck and a BroBucker (Duncan Custom Shop) in the bridge.

    2. So I put a PG in the neck and a JB in the bridge – pretty damn happy. I some times wonder if I could get better dynamics with the 59’s though…

  20. Hi, for the G400 Pro. What would be better? 59set or a 59 (Neck) with Custom5 (Bridge). Mostly play alternative and classic rock. What would be the SD equivalent to a gibson 57 pickup?

  21. Just upgraded my Epi Dot with a pair of Seth Lovers. Incredible! This has nothing to do with the original sound of my Dot anymore. I thought it was already good as it was before but this upgrade took the Dot from amateur to Champion’s League level.
    If you own a Dot and like the way it plays then change your pickups. You won’t regret it.

    1. I have an Epiphone dot and think the stock pickups really muddy. I can’t stretch to Seth Lovers but fancy a pair of 59s. My guitar tech thinks they’ll be too hot without covers. How much difference do they make and can covers be retro-fitted?

      1. Covers can be retrofitted, but ’59s are vintage-output pickups (they sound great in a Dot, btw), so I don’t understand them being ‘too hot’ without covers. Covers don’t affect the output, but maybe the EQ a tiny bit. If you don’t have covers, the pickups aren’t really any hotter. 59’s are vintage output, with or without covers.

  22. I installed a set of 59’s in my Epiphone Wilshire, and BOY did it open the voice of that guitar up!! $199 for the guitar on clearance from MF, it now literally sounds like the “Poor Man’s Les Paul” it was touted as!!
    Couldn’t be happier… Thanks Seymour!

  23. Would a set of p rails be good for my Epi LP plus top pro with 50’s wiring? Looking for nice cleans, and a good classic rock dirty. Please help me out!

    1. With P-Rails, we suggest you add Triple Shot rings so you can get both coils in series or parallel, or either coil on their own. You’d have a most versatile LP!

  24. My Epiphone Nighthawk with a JB Slant in the bridge, a custom shop SSL-5 in the middle(had to be custom made because of the odd middle slot), and a Seymourized SM3 mini humbucker in the neck. Out of all of my 30 guitars, this one has become my number 1 go to workhorse. It sounds like an SG, a LP, a Tele, and a Strat all rolled into one, with some very different tones combining them. It also has coil tapping on both the bridge and neck. It was a great guitar to begin with, but Seymour Duncan pushed this guitar over the top!

  25. My Epiphone Nighthawk with a JB Slant in the bridge, a custom shop SSL-5
    in the middle(had to be custom made because of the strange slot on the nighthawk, and a Seymourized SM3 mini humbucker in the neck. Out of
    all of my 30 guitars, this one has become my number 1 go to workhorse.
    It sounds like an SG, a LP, a Tele, and a Strat all rolled into one,
    with some very different tones combining them. It also has coil tapping
    on both the bridge and neck. It’s capable of jazz and blues, to full on metal and everything in between. It was a great guitar to begin with, but
    Seymour Duncan pushed this guitar over the top! Thanks guys!

    1. This looks awesome. Also playing mid-budget guitars with top notch hardware, has a kind of a special feel, very hard to describe. It’s like we are better people than those that play high-end guitars, just because.

  26. Epiphone les paul standard plus 2010 with jb and jazz. kept the 500k and it sound awesome 🙂 other upgrades are gotoh bridge and graphtech tusq nut.
    when i buy the nut i will take it to a luthier to install it and give it a professional setup

  27. I just picked up an Epi LP Ultra-II and would like to get the best tone possible – using it for vintage to modern rock and blues. I’m probably looking at the pair of ’59s, or would the chambered body come into play enough to select something else? Also, wiring for this pup is strange because of the nanomag pickup (combined b/n tone control) – so I assume I just take a picture and replicate what’s there now when I put in the new units…

    1. You can’t go wrong with ’59s for vintage tones, but for more modern ones, consider the Jazz neck and the Custom in the bridge.

  28. I’m thinking of getting a SH-1N ’59 Model for the neck and a SH-4 JB Model for the bridget on my Epiphone Les Paul 100. Anyone think the sound would be improved?

    1. The ’59 will get you vintage tones for the neck, while the JB will push it into hard rock/crunchland. You will be very happy with that combo!

  29. I just got a 59 for the neck and a JB for the bridge on my Dot and they have turned this guitar into one of my favorite players again I love the way it sounds now I can’t put it down the new Seymour Duncan pickups have made this guitar back into one of my favorite guitars again it sounds like anew ES335 just for about a quarter of the price. ..what a difference a set of pickups can make

  30. The plainer the top, the better the sound…
    It was hard to upgrade the PUs on this 07 Epiphone JDM LQ Burst, as the original ones were pretty good, but the Bonamassa set gave that extra vintage vibe.
    Gents, this is a match made in heaven and a guitar for the gods!

    1. Wow, that looks awesome! I didn’t know they did it with the Gib headstock. If only they kept it, i’d say they’d be selling WAY more guitars.

  31. one of the many Epiphone les Paul Jr I’ve redone, built them in 3 versions either JB-4 zebra,PhatCat or Invader those with original gibson tuners, better insulated wire, american made 250 K pots & tonepros bridge. amazing tone and will knock down walls. the trick is finding the right guitar. theres guitars new range from 2 to 4 kilos. when id buy em id go through boxes of them to find the heavy ones the heavier the better. Unfortunately Epiphone stopped making them and only offer a sunburst version and the all seem to run around 2 kilos and the sunburst is silkscreened on like the les pauls :/
    SD#s get put in all my guitars though . they can make a 2×4 sound good

  32. Dot deluxe: 59 in neck and PG in bridge ( w/o covers ) with Bigsby.
    I liked the feel and how the guitar played and the build quality looked good.
    The tone on the other hand was not to my liking, too muddy and dead sounding.
    I knew that the feel, playability and build quality would be hard, if not impossible to
    change but the tone I could do with the help of Seymour Duncan. So buy what I can’t
    Change and change what I can.
    Now my dot has come alive and has unbelievable tone.
    I know to some it may be like putting a V8 in a Pinto but it’s my Pinto and after all
    Who doesn’t love the sound of a V8.
    A day may come when I can afford Gibson’s or Paul Reed Smith’s and get all the
    qualities I am looking for in one axe without mods.
    But until then I’m a SD customer.

  33. I am putting a set of Antiquities into my Epiphone Les paul Custon, vintage 50’s wiring, mojo caps, switchcraft 3 way switch, switchcraft jack, CTS pots cant wait to hear it.

  34. I recently swapped out the stock pickups on my Epi Sheraton II for some Duncans-a ’59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge. When I picked the guitar up from the shop, I was in a hurry, which was a mistake. When I got it home i discovered that the neck pickup was installed backwards-in other words, the pole piece screws were situated away from the neck, rather can closer to the neck, like every other double humbucker installation I’ve ever seen. The first tech I spoke with tried to explain it away by telling me that Peter Green installed his neck pickup in that fashion-which is apparently true, but I’ve got a feeling there’s more to it than that. The tech who actually did the work explained that he installed it like that because the pickup wiring would have to be wrapped around the cavity if he installed it “normally” and could get crimped or damaged. He also said he would remove it and reinstall it at no charge. The guitar sounds fantastic-100% better than the old pickups, even with the neck pickup installed backwards. I confess I don’t know enough to know if they are pulling my leg or just being lazy. If anyone has any thoughts or advice, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. This won’t hurt anything, and results in a pretty cool sound. However, I’d question the reasoning. If this is a new pickup, there should be more than enough wire. If it wasn’t new, it is easy enough to extend the wires.

      1. Thanks. The pickups were brand new, so there shouldn’t have been an issue with the amount of wire. The only reason given was not wanting to wrap the wire around the pickup in the cavity.

        1. I have a 2001 korean made epi dot (cherry) that i installed a SD JB at the bridge and a ’59 at the neck. i put in the ’59 as you describe, with the screws away from the neck heel, because the pickup wire exited at the southeast corner of the PU on the side of the bobbin with the screws. i wondered if this would substantially affect the sound of the pups, alone or in combination, but it doesn’t seem to have. I think it sounds great on all pup selections. I need to eq the amp differently with this guitar than my gibsons, fender and G&L’s, but it is unique and worth the little bit of tinkering. The JB is pretty hot and the ’59 is nice and creamy. Interesting combination of pups, great sounding guitar for a variety of styles of music, rock, blues, jazz.

          1. Installing a pickup ‘backwards’ won’t make any difference in the sound. Those with OCD might not like it though. 🙂

  35. I picked up an Epi 339 and was considering upgrading the electronics. My guitar tech recommended the JB in the bridge and Jazz in the neck along with upgraded pots and switches. My playing is mostly blues and jazz with an occasional rock thrown in. Your site recommends Seth’s and Antiquities or the 59′. Are the JB and Jazz a workable combo for the 339?

    1. I like Seths or Antiquities in any semi hollow, especially 339s or 335s. If you played hard rock, I’d go for the JB/Jazz, but in your case, the Seths or Antiquites are the way to go!

  36. Can I replace my 3 P90 pickups on my epi riviera with burstbucker 2 and bb 3s? And if I can, would this help with a more fuller sound?

  37. Funny how the come on picture to this article is a hollow body Epiphone Casino with dog ear P-90 pups, but this article doesn’t cover that iconic guitar used by the Beatles and others after a quick read.

  38. JB/Jazz combo in an Epiphone SG, absolutely killer with a germanium fuzz box. Slightly modern take on classic 60’s / early 70’s sounds. Currently looking to replace my EMG 81/85 set in my Epi Les Paul. I’ve grown tired of the sound, need something more versatile, both cleans and good distortion.

  39. I recently upgraded my Epiphone GT ii Special, a guitar that cost me 200€ now sounds a lot better than other “expensive” guitars!! Sh-1n & Custom Sh-5 on bridge…killer tone!!!

  40. My “Burnt Cherry” Epiphone Dot Studio.. Fitted with a ’59 neck, and have a Custom Custom on order for the bridge. Also will be swapping in a Schaller Tunematic Roller bridge, and Davinci Tuning heads.. its gonna be a sharp lookin axe when its all done! I don’t understand why Gibson lovers hate on Epiphone so much.. I know quite a few guys that own a Gibson.. and it just sits on the wall while they play their modded Epiphone because it sounds and stays in tune better.. And who wants to go swapping hardware out on a $3500 guitar just to get it to stay in tune? I doubt I’ll ever make the Gibson jump unless I find a smokin deal too go to refuse… just my two cents.. lol

  41. I have a very cheap Epiphone GS Special that I bought last year (march 2015). It is a great a great looking instrument. I recently replaced the bridger pick up with a INVADER bridge for more quality sound. I like playing, ac/cd, Maiden, Sabath, 80’s metal. UAUH!!! The sound is now so much better, more punch, sustain, clear metal sound, even with all the distotion a good metal deserves. It is a new instrument, and sounds a heck of a lot better then a US$180,00 peace should cost. I highly recommendbthe up grade, Seymore Duncan exide my exoectations. Next, I will replace the neck pick up.

  42. I have an Epiphone ES339 in Pelham Blue and I changed out the bridge for a JB Zebra. It absolutely kicks ass now. It’s twice as loud and can rock with the big boys easily. I have 3 Gibsons and this now feels like I’ve got 4

  43. I’ve put Seth Lovers in my Epi LP Custom and over the weekend in my 1997 Riviera (won’t be doing that job again.. ever!). They’ve transformed both guitars! My main tone is a Vox AC15 just breaking up, with occasionally a Marshall BB2 pedal on boost mode for solos. Seriously these pickups just sparkle in both! If I ever get a Gibson, a pair of Seth Lovers are going straight in it! Can’t recommend them enough!

    1. There are so many kinds of pickups out there, and really there isn’t that much difference in tone. Most of it is in our heads, and wallets….

  44. I love my “Antiquities” in my Sheraton II. It’ll run circles around ANY semi hollow body that’s out there. Wish I knew about these sooner, like 20 or 30 years ago. If I knew then what I know now, well……you get my point.

  45. I have the luxury of having a guitar collecting friend, so I’ve played many guitars outside of my budget range and would love to have a Gibson LP Standard. I came across an Epihpone Les Paul Studio Deluxe Silverburst on Craigslist that I planned to play a little and then flip. But…The feel, fretwork and playability of this LP is just tremendous. Great acoustic sound as well. It plays 98% as nice as Gibson…. But the electronics are horrible. Muddy pickups that are just not pleasing to listen to. I put USA CTS pots, orange drop cap and Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash pickups in it (huge Slash fan) and it now plays AND sounds amazing. Huge sustain, articulate, signature Slash tone….. This guitar will stay in my collection for a long, long time.

  46. I placed a JB in my Epiphone SG’s neck and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a different world of sound, much superior to the original pickup. In the neck I placed a 59, and it’s not bad at all but it didn’t impress me as much. Still better than stock tho. Maybe because the original neck was not that bad 🙂

  47. Hi, I’ve recently bought a 2009 Epiphone Casino;I play mainly Blues and/or Soft Rock;Can you advise me with regard to the best replacement pickups I could fit please, and any other changes you would suggest I make ?
    Many thanks,

  48. I’ve got an Epiphone Explorer 58, would wanna hook up with a couple of these, looking for a sludge/stoner tone, a bit more aggressive than usual but not as far as metal… suggestions?

  49. Hello,
    I bought an Epiphone Dot Studio with Seymour Duncan pickups, a Jazz Model for the neck and JB for the bridge, do you think is a good choice for a semi-hollow body?
    I like blues and the warm and robust sounds.From the family of Seymour Duncan, which ones would you recommend to use with the guitar that I have? I hope you can give me your opinion.
    Thank you very much and happy holidays.
    Greetings from Mexico.

  50. What Duncan pickups have the proper polepiece spacing and can be soldered into the chrome dogear covers de-soldered from stock Epiphone P90’s? I inherited a Casino and the stock pups and harness are crap.

  51. I play Epiphone by choice. They’ve been building killer f-hole models for 70 years. They’re not lesser guitars. Just set up my Epiphone Dot Studio with Seymour Duncan ’59s. Gr

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