Introducing the Joe Bonamassa “Bonnie” Pickup Set and Loaded Pickguard

Joe Bonamassa’s ear for tone is legendary.

So when he says that Bonnie, his 1955, hardtail Fender Stratocaster, is his “best Strat,” we trust him. And when he wanted to offer the guitar’s magical-sounding pickups to the public, we went to work re-creating them with pin-point accuracy and attention to detail.  

Introducing the limited-run Joe Bonamassa Signature “Bonnie” Strat Pickup Set and Loaded Pickguard.

Joe Bonamassa bonnie pickup set

As with all of our vintage-style pickups, we craft the Bonnie Strat single-coil set with attention to every sonic and physical detail. They feature era-accurate, cloth, pushback lead wires; black Forbon flatwork; Alnico IV rod magnets; and a uniform 5.96K rating. They even boast vintage-correct, perfectly aged plastic covers that replicate Joe’s originals. 

Joe Bonamassa measuring bonnie

In the pickguard, you’ll find several unique touches that continue our “accurate recreation” ethos of Joe’s favorite Strat. From the custom made “Phone Book” .1uF/150V capacitor and Joe’s preferred 5-way selector switch to Bonnie’s modern switch tip and mini skirt control knobs, it’s all just as he likes it. And the pickguard is rounded out with a trio of 250K high-quality CTS potentiometers. 

Joe Bonamassa Bonnie Pickguard

Joe Bonamassa is an authority in all things guitar tone. And the limited-run Joe Bonamassa Signature Bonnie Strat Pickup Set is the heart and soul of one of his favorite guitars. So whether you’re after Joe’s sound or want the “best Strat” sound for your own, these are the pickups for you. But act fast, these are a very limited run. Only 550 sets and 100 loaded pickguards are available. And you don’t want to miss out.

derek and seymour with bonnie

Joe Bonamassa bonnie set backs

Joe Bonamassa Bonnie Set Aged

joe bonamassa signature bonnie strat pickup set

Joe Bonamassa Bonnie Pickguard

joe bonamassa signature bonnie strat loaded pickguard

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  1. I would like the buy a Joe Bonamassa Signature Bonnie Strat Loaded Pickguard, but can’t find it anywhere. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark! Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, the Joe Bonamassa Signature Bonnie Strat Loaded Pickguard and and Pickup Set were limited edition Custom Shop products that have sold out. I’m sorry about that. Thanks again!

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