Ceramic Humbucker Tone Profiles

Learn the tonal differences between a few of our most popular humbuckers that feature Ceramic magnets


Duncan Custom™

Bridge DCR: 14.1k

Duncan Custom Humbucker with eq graph

A hot humbucker which uses a small ceramic magnet and custom-wound coils to dish out a ‘P.A.F.-on-steroids’ tone. It has tight lows, a bump in the upper midrange which gives you more character and crunch, and an airy high end that cuts through heavy distortion but is also great for achieving crystal-clear clean tones.


Duncan Distortion™

Neck DCR: 13.0k // Bridge DCR: 16.6k

Duncan distortion Humbucker with eq graph

Our original high output ceramic humbucker! Features a large ceramic magnet and hot coil windings to deliver full-bodied rock and metal tones with powerful upper mids for extra cut and grind. The low end remains tight, so it’s great for down tunings, and lead tones will scream with gritty harmonic content.



Neck DCR: 7.5k // Bridge DCR: 16.6k

Invader Humbucker with eq graph

Features specially overwound coils and three large ceramic magnets. Its striking oversized metal oxide pole pieces expand the overall magnetic field and widen the frequency spectrum. Delivers the thickest and deepest low-end response of any passive pickup we make, and balances nicely with a prominent midrange punch and crunchy treble.


Wes Hauch’s Jupiter Rails

Neck DCR: 8.020k // Bridge DCR: 14.27k

To facilitate the articulate and aggressive tones he’s known for, Wes requested a rails humbucker set with searing output and maximum clarity and balance. Built with dual stainless-steel rail poles, a ceramic magnet, and a finely tuned high output wind developed closely with Wes, the result is the Jupiter Humbucker Set–a pickup pair that delivers aggressive mid-range focused attack, evenly balanced string response, and clarity.


Mark Holcomb’s Alpha/Omega

Neck DCR: 8.02k // Bridge DCR: 12.96k

Mark Holcomb's Alpha Omega humbucker with eq graph

The Omega bridge pickup provides destructive percussion and growl in the mids and low-end. It’s aggressive but it also has lots of clarity and brightness, which cuts through. The Alpha neck pickup is voiced to combine the best qualities of a neck and a bridge pickup, with some of that classic fat, glassy sound but also plenty of your pick attack and fretting-hand phrasing.



Bridge DCR: 16.5k

Dimebucker humbucker with eq graph

Massive metal tone dialed to the exact specs of Dimebag Darrell. Its ceramic magnet and dual stainless steel blades provide a thick crunch that sags just a little when you really lay into it. Features a full, yet tight, low-end response, slightly scooped midrange, and sizzling high end.



Bridge DCR: 13.6k

Nazgul humbucker with eq graph

By combining a large ceramic magnet with custom winding specs, the Nazgûl offers the perfect blend of note articulation, saturation, and one of the most brutal “chugs” you’ll ever hear from a humbucker. It has incredible harmonic content across all frequency ranges, searing highs, grinding mids, and an insanely tight bass response.


Black Winter™

Neck DCR: 13.0k // Bridge DCR: 16.6k

Black winter humbucker with eq graph

A savagely high output passive humbucker built for extreme metal and uses three large ceramic magnets and a custom overwound coil design to ensure maximum output and sustain in all high gain situations. Delivers incredible clarity in the mids and highs, while the low end stays controlled and focused. Designed to handle the lowest of tunings.

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