Chris Letchford’s Strandbergs

Chris Letchford Strandbergs

A while ago we saw this great photo of some of Chris Letchford’s (Scale The Summit) Strandberg guitars and we just had to know more! We reached out to Chris to ask about the guitars in the pic and here’s what he had to say:

Boden CL7 (USA)

Part of the signature guitar line with Strandberg Guitarworks, this is the guitar that started it all! Not a lot of people know that I was technically the guinea pig with Strandberg. I ended up receiving made to measure #5, when there was not even a Strandberg logo put on the guitar, it was a one-off custom I ordered and couldn’t have been more excited. I knew that since Ola designed and created his own hardware, there was no way this guitar would be anything less than solid gold. I ended up later showing #5 to Misha Mansoor during our tour with Periphery, and I think he ordered a made to measure literally the next day.

Boden CL7 (USA) “Sparkle Bitch”

This is one of the last ones made at the Washburn shop in the USA before Strandberg moved the Boden line back to Sweden. This one is my personal favorite. I love a fun finish, and there is nothing more fun than sparkle! Sparkle Bitch is her name and being epic is her game!

Boden OS8

This is one of the first 8 strings to come out for the Boden OS line, made in Korea. Love this guitar and it’s even better now with the OS line as the price point is much lower!  

Boden OS6

This is the 6 string model from the Boden OS line, also made in Korea. Again, the same awesome quality with the lowered price point. All guitars are rocking the Pegasus and Sentient set! Tone for dayssssssss.

You can see Chris’s website here or Like him on Facebook here.

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