Hedras Ramos Jr., super shredder and Seymour Duncan artist competes in the Ziua Chitarelor 3 guitar competition

Check out Hedras Ramos Jr. who took second place in the Ziua Chitarelor 3 guitar competition. For those of you who don’t know, the Ziua Chitarelor competition in Romania is one of the greatest guitar competitions in Europe.
This 18 year old guitar prodigy hails from Guatemala and has caught the attention of guitar greats including Michael Lee Firkins and Jennifer Batten. It’s easy to see why, just check out his insane tapping technique! Hedras currently plays 7 string Halo guitars out-fitted with a Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz in the neck and a SH-4 JB in the bridge. If you want to hear more of Hedras, look for his third album, Atoms and Space, to be released on iTunes and Amazon.

This is what Hedras says about Seymour Duncan pickups:
“Seymour Duncan pickups are amazing!!! These humbuckers give me a lot of tones, from warm jazzy to nasty gain and sustain. It’s amazing the feel and tone you get!!! I’m glad I’m working with them!!!”
Keep an eye out for Hedras and his band BlueROJO, coming to a town near you.

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    1. JEFF LEE is the owner of HALO GUITARS, a guitar factory that specializes in building Custom instruments based in Cupertino, California, USA.
      We highly recommend their instruments because they are of great quality, they are tuned and set up by the very same Jeff Lee and great friend Al Gatewood to ensure the instruments perform at their best! The best part of all this is that they very affordable!
      I’m currently using a 5- string bass made by Halo which is really great and very soft and easy to play.
      Hedras owns other Halo guitars which are really great, but the new model HEDRAS RAMOS signature is a beauty that we are eager to see because it’s a guitar that will have all of the details Hedras always wanted on a guitar, like original FR tremolo, specific woods, specif measures on width of the neck, special color, colored Seymour Duncan pickups, fitted with Dean Markley’s .009 strings, hopefully if time allows it will feature the great tune system invented by the gurus of N-Tune systems 🙂

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