Hum-Canceling Tele Pickup Tone Profiles

Learn the tonal differences between a few of our most popular Hum-Canceling Telecaster Pickups


Vintage Stack Tele Set

Magnet Type: Alnico V

Neck DCR: 15.8k // Bridge DCR: 18.0k

hum-canceling vintage stack tele set with eq chart

Our Vintage Stack Tele pickups offer up unmistakable Telecaster sparkle and spank without the traditional hum. Eliminate that pesky hum while keeping all the chime and bite Telecaster players crave. The Vintage Rhythm Stack is a noiseless Tele neck pickup that delivers classic output and tone. The lows are full and warm, and the treble response has that classic spank. Access to rich chords and bubbly leads is maintained across the fretboard. The Vintage Lead Stack delivers classic lead tone with all of the bright Tele twang, but none of the traditional single-coil noise. The highs have a nice sparkle and the low end is snappy and articulate the way it should be. The output is straight up vintage, making this a great choice for players who need to eliminate the hum, but without sacrificing true Tele lead tone.


Hot Rails Tele Set

Magnet Type: Ceramic

Neck DCR: 10.9k // Bridge DCR: 16.0k

hum-canceling hot rails tele set with eq chart

The Hot Rails for Tele set will transform your Telecaster into a fire breathing beast with an unapologetic, mean sound that’s got the power of a set of full-sized high-output humbuckers. The lead pickup uses a powerful ceramic magnet, dual steel blades, and over-wound coils, which together provide a raw, heavy tone with amazing sustain. The rich midrange harmonics and tight low end give it a crunch that makes this pickup great for all types of rock and metal. The matching Hot Rails Tele Rhythm pickup fights back with full, warm humbucker tone in a size that drops right into your stock pickup slot. It delivers smooth tone for rhythm playing, and fat single notes for lead work.


Little 59 Tele Bridge

Magnet Type: Ceramic // Bridge DCR: 17.7k

hum-canceling little 59 tele with eq chart

The Little 59 for Tele is like putting a well-balanced, full-sized P.A.F. pickup into the bridge position of your Tele. This medium output, single-coil sized pickup has a nice, even bass and treble response with a slightly scooped midrange that gives it that classic, full-bodied humbucker sound. Great for everything from Country to Rock. The 4-conductor lead wire gives you access to parallel and split wiring options for added versatility. This pickup is a drop-in replacement for a Fender American Standard Telecaster sized pickup route. Pairs well with our Vintage Stack Tele neck pickup.


Hot Stack Tele Bridge

Magnet Type: Alnico V

Bridge DCR: 21.4k

hum-canceling hot stack tele with eq chart

Our overwound Hot Lead Stack for Telecaster with its blade magnet delivers a vintage-hot output with a nice even string balance and no dropouts when bending strings. The Alnico 5 blade magnet gives a tone has all the spank and twang of a traditional lead pickup but is just a little smoother and warmer overall. And since it’s one of our patented Stack pickups, it’s totally quiet. Perfect for players who want to add just a little more output and warmth without losing the classic Tele lead tone. Pair with our Vintage Rhythm Stack for a versatile setup.

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