Introducing The .strandberg* Varberg

If you haven’t got your paws on a .strandberg* guitar with an EndurNeck™ before it’s a strange experience simply because contrary to what your eyes may tell you, it doesn’t feel strange. The EndurNeck™, the choice of woods and the way everything balances is just naturally comfortable and you forget about it almost instantly and just get on with the act of playing. .strandberg* Guitars has just announced the availablity of the Varberg. A few Varberg models have surfaced in the past – like this Varberg Tremolo for instance – but the Varberg is now available through the US Custom Shop with various Seymour Duncan pickup options, including the JB and Jazz as the standard. Let’s have a look at what makes this guitar so unique.
The Varberg is named after the city Varberg on the west coast of Sweden, and the sweeping lines of the guitar provide a link to Varberg’s reputation for quality wave-surfing. In terms of construction the Varberg features a composite top layer, a chambered middle layer and a back layer. .strandberg* guitars are known for their incredible ergonomics and the Varberg is slightly heavier than the Boden design but still noticeably lighter than most guitars, weighing in under 5.5 lbs or 2.5 kg, and it’s designed to be comfortable when playing seated or with a strap.
The Varberg features the patent pending .strandberg* EndurNeck™ shape which is designed to relax muscles, joints, and tendons in your hand, wrist and forearm, and encourage your hand into a more correct playing position.
Oh and you can order a Verberg with the 25.5″ True Temperament™ Thidell Formula 1 if you like. Seymour Duncan pickup options include the JB, Jazz, Distortion and Black Winter, and you can choose various fretboard woods including Birdseye Maple, Flamed Maple, Rosewood, Ebony and Pau Ferro.
If you’d like to learn more about Ola Strandberg’s work, check out our 2013 interview with him here.

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  1. I would really like to feel that neck, see how it plays. Never seen one like that before.

  2. Cool looking and design inspiring…it would be an issue of actually handling one and playing it. I don’t know?

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