P-Rails Now Available With Triple Shots

P-Rails-with-Triple-Shot-flat-Set-Black_BEAUTYLet’s face it, we can’t all have a half dozen guitars with us everywhere we go. We’d all like one for the rude and and fat single-coil sound of a P-90 that is perfect for blues, rock and punk; another with single-coils with the brightness and snap for rock and blues; and yet another for the fat and warm sounds of a humbucker. The P-Rails with Triple Shots give you the ability to access as many tones as all those guitars combined, and then some. The P-Rails themselves let you switch between P-90, single-coil and humbucker tones, and the the Triple Shots make it easy to switch between these options without having to install push-pull pots on your guitar. And they also let you choose between series and parallel options (explained here).

You can now get your P-Rails pre-wired with Triple Shots in either LP and flat versions. With a regular 3-way switch you’ll get the possibility of 24 unique tones.


PRAILS2The P-Rails combines a full-size P-90 single coil and an Alnico-powered Rail single coil in the one unit, and each coil can be wired up to be selected individually, combined in series to become a humbucker, or combined in parallel for airier, glassier tones. The humbucker mode sounds big and expansive thanks to its mismatched coil configuration, while the parallel mode gives you a P.A.F.-style humbucker tone with less of the phase cancellation associated with standard parallel wired humbuckers, complete with present upper-mid “bloom” and pronounced string articulation. And the Rail coils are great at giving you those in-between Strat ‘quack’ tones when you use the bridge and neck pickups together. And the full-size P-90 coil gives you all the grit, attack and jangle you want in a P-90.

Triple Shots

TripleShotsThe Triple Shot’s secret is its two mini switches stealthily tucked away on one side of the pickup ring. Slide each switch towards each other and you’re in humbucker series mode. Slide them both away from each other and your coils are in parallel. Slide both towards the neck and you’ve engaged the front coil only, or slide them both towards the back and only the rear coil is active. This works with any four-conductor humbucker but when you use the Triple Shot with a P-Rails these switches let you select between the P-90 coil and the Rail coil, or combine them for full humbucker sounds.

Tone Expert Specs:

Series 13.10 kOhms
Parallel 3.23 kOhms
Wide coil 7.30 kOhms
Narrow Coil 5.80  kOhms
Series 3.60 kHz
Parallel 5.11 kHz
Wide coil 5.19 kHz
Narrow Coil 4.68 kHz
Output (mV):
Series 431
Parallel 205
Wide coil 287
Narrow Coil 153
Series 19.27 kOhms
Parallel 4.78 kOhms
Wide coil 10.50 kOhms
Narrow Coil 8.77 kOhms
Series 3.04 kHz
Parallel 4.41 kHz
Wide coil 4.75 kHz
Narrow Coil 3.78 kHz
Output (mV):
Series 491
Parallel 268
Wide coil 316
Narrow Coil 218

If you’re interested in learning more about P-Rails and Triple Shots, there are several articles covering wiring and uses.

The P-Rails: Three Times The Tone

The P-Rails Wiring Bible, Part 1

Installing P-Rails and Triple Shot Mounting Rings

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  1. I have these in an Epi SG 400…..To say they are fantastic would be an understatement.Mine are “Pre” Triple Shot. So I put 2 3 way on/off mini toggles. Didn’t bother with Series/Parallel (yet) Combinations are just WICKED!!!….You want Townsend’s Woodstock P90? Check…Clapton’s Woman Tone? Check. Knopolfer’s Sultan’s? Check….And that’s without the zillion available COMBINATIONS…..They are simply GREAT!!!!….I heard one guy say “But They’re so FU**IN UGLY!!!!…..Uhhh…Check da window brudda!!!! I think you brain fell out!!!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the P-Rails! Give the series/parallel switching a try – some of the best sounds those pickups make are hidden in that setting.

      1. Frankly I HAVEN’T put a series /parallel switch in because I can’t figure out how to wire another switch IN WITH the 2 3way switches…It makes my head hurt thinking about it…..I’d LOVE to do it….And it seems simple….But I NEED HELP!!!!!

        1. The best way to do it is to buy some triple shots to use with them. I know we sell them as a package deal now, but we didn’t used to, and we still sell them individually.

  2. I use a p-rail in the bridge of my Strat. I like and use the rail, the p-90, and series modes regularly – love this pickup. Strats are great for getting lots of tones, and this pickup adds more. I have never found a use for the parallel mode, it’s just an anemic HB in that mode, which in a Strat doesn’t seem to have a use. I have a Hot Stack in a bridge of another Start, and it’s parallel mode is great for funk rhythms. BTW, the Hot Stack is a good pickup in general. My $.02.

  3. I just went to the SD website , but couldn’t find these sets…where, and when, exactly, will they be available?

  4. This is the most versatile combination I have ever tried I use the guitar with P-Rails + triple shot and the one with Hot Rodded in almost every song I record

  5. I have recently acquired a P-Rail & a Triple Shot to go into the bridge position of my Jackson DK2M
    Still haven’t gotten the wiring diagram that I’d like, The middle & neck pickup are Fender Robert Cray Models
    We’ll see how it comes out?? I think I may have to reverse the wiring to get the P-Rail to be in phase with the single coils

    1. You might try posting this question on our User Group Forum. Generally, our pickups are out of phase with Fender’s, so you’d have to reverse the wires on the single coils to remain in phase.

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