PowerStage – Pedal Sized Guitar Amp – The Next Stage for Your Tone

PowerStage is the go-to amp for streamlining your live rig.

These pedal sized guitar amps are designed for players who love pedals or modeling devices but need a clean, powerful grab-and-go pedal amp for any gig, rehearsal, or studio session.

PS170  |  PS200  |  PS700

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There’s no denying our love of classic tube amps. They sound great and are readily available. 

The problem with many tube amps is they don’t compliment the wide range of tones modern devices offer nowadays. Tube amps have a specific character, making them hard to manipulate beyond what they’re designed for. Many break up (distort) too early, which limits the range of clean tones (especially at higher volumes). The subtleties of your overdrive pedals and other effects get smeared by this early break up. And, let’s not forget the maintenance, backbreaking size and weight, and fragility of tube amps—it’s enough to give most musicians a nervous breakdown.   

If you use modelers like a Kemper, Helix, or Axe FX, tube amp distortion can ruin your carefully crafted patches. And, the character and voicing of the different tube amps can drastically alter your pre-saved tones. So, the transition from studio to live can seem impossible when you’re playing different backline amps every night. 

The solution is to start with a clean amp that provides a dynamic and expressive platform for your favorite pedals and modeling devices. The PowerStage line offers 3 unique amps that provide crystal-clear power and portability that will fit into any gig bag or pedalboard. But don’t get confused—crystal-clear power does not mean sterile or lacking in depth. PowerStage has a beautiful warmth and smoothness that will give you all the dimension and organic feel of a great tube amp, and bring your modeler and effects to life. 

“I’m surprised by how tube-like the [PowerStage 700] sounds. I was not expecting that. Usually when you have a solid-state amplifier, it just doesn’t sound as deep as a regular tube power amplifier. But, the PowerStage does a really good job here. It sounds good, and it’s loud!”

– Ola Englund, The Haunted and Six Feet Under

“Given its size and the way it looks, and the adaptability and expandability of it, I think [the PowerStage 200] is a really really cool product. If you run preamps and you have a pedalboard and you just want to power it and get the pedalboard tones you know and love, the [PowerStage 200] is really cool—especially because you have an XLR out, two speaker outs on the back, and an EQ as well so you can even further tweak your tones beyond your pedalboard.”

– Rabea Massaad, Dorje and Toska

“[The PowerStage 170] is absolutely plenty to drive any normal-sized cabinet, and it doesn’t distort the signal when it was cranked even all the way up. This amp is powerful enough for any possible situation you can imagine… I really dig it! It sounds great! [The PowerStage 170] reproduces the sound of my AxeFX Ax8 just as I’d imagined, and it’s so convenient.”

– Trey Xavier, Gear Gods

“It feels great and sounds really good! The thing that I enjoy about the [PowerStage 200] is that I’ve got so much control over the level that it just feels really nice, especially out of a cab. Normally, I’m used to using a valve amp, which is really hard to control at low volumes. But, using everything digital [with the Helix and PowerStage 200] is a nice way of doing things. It’s enjoyable, and sounds really good.”

– Rabea Massaad, Dorje and Toska

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PowerStage 200

PowerStage 200 is the newest edition to our PowerStage line. The PS200 is housed in a slightly wider chassis than PS170, but includes several more features. The power is rated at 200-watt at 4 Ohms with a 4-band switchable EQ, speaker simulation, Aux In, and headphone connectivity. It’s the perfect amp for players who need the flexibility to play live or in the studio.


“If you use modelers, don’t look further… This Seymour Duncan Powerstage 200 is enough to juice a 4X12 cabinet and with the XLR with cabinet simulation you can go straight to FOH/Mixer. I use it with a Line6 Helix and two 2X12 Mesa Cabinets and I could not be happier. RECOMMENDED!!!”

– Jesus, Sweetwater Customer

Pedalboard Guitar Amplifier

PowerStage 170

PS170 is the smallest amp in our PowerStage Line up. It features a powerful 170-watt power section at 4 Ohms with a beautiful clean preamp section and 3-band global EQ. It is small enough to fit directly on a pedalboard or in any gig bag and light enough for fly dates. The PS170 for players who need a small but cost-efficient way to get great clean power anywhere they go.


“This pedal-sized power amp is just awesome. Being able to replace a cumbersome guitar amp head with something that can fit on, and work with your pedal board is a huge win! I was initially worried about a potential drop off in tone and loudness, but I have had no issues with either. I have gigged this product with a live metal drummer and it screams. Simple as that. No loud fan noises, a very articulate global EQ section (perfect for taming unruly live rooms), and pristine clean tones all confirm, for me at least, that this unit is in the higher end spectrum of what’s on the market currently. I use the PowerStage170 as my clean channel, and run my Tube Screamer/Dracarys as the lead. It seems to play very nicely with every pedal I’ve thrown its way. A solid product from Seymour Duncan!”

– Tyler, New Jersey, USA, Sweetwater Customer

Rack Mount Guitar Amplifier

PowerStage 700

The PowerStage™ 700 is a rackmoutable pedal amp that provides 700-watts per channel (true discrete stereo in/out) at 4 Ohms. You read that right, seven hundred freakin’ watts per channel. Boom! It’s gonna take more than sight reading to quiet this amp. PS700 comes with cab sim, stereo DI Outputs (XLR), and 2 “Combi Jack” speaker outputs (1/4″ speaker and speakON). The PS700 is for players who need powerful stereo option and portability. This amp is a touring machine. 


“This thing handles pedals so well (as it was designed to)! I ran my guitar through a Diezel VH4 pre, Vapor Trail, Catalina chorus, Big Sky and Andromeda simultaneously and it still maintained note clarity through it all. The tone controls are powerful and very useful. It has so much power on tap you could use this anywhere. Makes setting up a stereo rig a breeze. I haven’t tried any other amp in a box pedals on it other than the Diezel yet but it was amazing! Smooth, fantastic break up, booming bottom end. Almost convincing enough to mistake for a high quality tube amp in a blind test. In a mix you would not tell.”

– Daniel, Virginia, USA, Sweetwater Customer

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