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Seymour Duncan Orange Humbucker Boobucker

Do you need something just a little bit special from your pickup but not anything that requires the full Seymour Duncan Custom Shop treatment? If so, there are plenty of little customization that you can request when you order a regular pickup through your preferred dealer. Called Shop Floor Custom, this service lets you tweak various aspects of your pickup order and we’ll make it on the regular shop floor, just for you, alongside our regular production pickups. It’s a handy option if you want something a little unique for your guitar.

Seymour Duncan Color BobbinsSay you want a JB humbucker with no logo for some reason? Or a ’59 with a logo? Differently-colored pickup bobbins (say, blue and pink, or yellow and red, or black and bright green)? Easy! Just tell your dealer which order you’d like the colored bobbins to be in. For instance “I’d like a Full Shred bridge with a red coil on the bridge side and an orange coil on the neck side, and a Full Shred neck with a yellow coil on the bridge side and a green one towards the neck.” You might want the colors of your favorite sports team, or maybe your band has a whole color palette going on and you all dress in black and green.

Or say you love the SH-55 Seth Lover model but you don’t like that the authentic spec calls for the pickup to not be wax-potted. You can request your Seth set to be potted to eliminate feedback and microphonics, and then you can crank it up and take advantage of that pickup’s clarity and crunch at volumes that would be tricky to control with a regular unpotted one.

coversWhat about pickup covers? Yup. Want a JB in gold, nickel, chrome, black nickel or black chrome? You can have that. There’s even a new black matte powder coat cover option. Pretty much all of our uncovered pickups can be ordered with covers, and most of our usually covered pickups can be ordered without covers.

You can even change the conductor wire from standard: you can order four-conductor hookup wire on a pickup that normally comes with single (so you can do more advanced wiring setups like series/parallel, coil-split or out-of-phase) or vice versa.

Here’s a list of what’s available.

1. Logo/no logo. Includes mini humbuckers
2. Bobbin color. For standard-spaced humbuckers only. You can choose from any combination (except Double Crème) or single color from the following: Black, White, Crème, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green.
3. Covers. Where applicable, a cover may be added to pickups or the color of the cover can be changed. Options are Nickel, Chrome, Gold, Black Nickel, Black Chrome, and Powder coated Black. For calibrated sets of Stratocaster pickups, cover colors can be changed.
4. Lead wire. You can elect to change a 4-conductor cable to single conductor cable and vise versa on full size and mini humbuckers only.
5. Bottom plate. On standard spaced humbuckers you can choose long or short legs. Or you can choose a black bottom plate.
6. Wind/polarity. You can choose reverse-wound/reverse-polarity (Rw/Rp) or other on applicable models. For instance, STR-1 Rw/R or OEM 59 RP.
7. Magnet Stagger. Flat/Staggered and Lefty Staggered options on Strat and Tele models where applicable.
8. Pole Pieces. You can choose between Gold, Nickel or Black poles and Studs, or White, Black or Gold cap screws for Invaders.
9. Loaded Pickguard Colors. These come stock in White but Black is an option too!
10. Wax Potting. You can order wax potted Seth Lovers to eliminate microphonics.
11. Single coil bottom plates. Oval vs. V bottom plates for single coils.
12. Single coil spacing. You can order narrow spacing Strat pickups for PT Cort.

If you have a special Shop Floor Custom request, contact your local Seymour Duncan dealer and let them know what you’re after and they can special-order it for you.

If your vision for your guitar isn’t listed here, check out the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, where you can request further changes built upon an existing model or specify something completely unique.

different colored Seymour Duncan Invader

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        1. It does not make sense, it is just a color. That is why I think there are some patents that should not exist.

          1. Again, it’s not a patent, it’s a trademark. Like McDonald’s and the ‘Golden Arches’, or Nike and the swoosh. Xerox.

        2. Carvin sales double cream bobin humbuckers, and I’ve seen original gibson humbuvkers with double cream

  1. You can’t buy pickup covers separately? What a joke. I emailed the custom shop for a set of black winters with black chrome covers and they wanted $100 more just for the god forsaken covers! Your custom shop is an effin joke man, I’m gonna buy Duncan cover separately off eBay and solder them myself you cheap a$&hats.

  2. Would this also apply for, let’s say, putting a black winter 7 in a big active style housing or is that more of a custom shop request?

  3. Ah, but what about coloured bobbins for various hot rails, like the aged 50s Mex Strat pickups? eh?? EH???

  4. Does it cost extra to get a jb/59′ set with the black winter style logo and dark colored poles? Or maybe the set with black chrome covers and the black winter style logo on those with dark poles?

    1. What you’re describing is most likely going to be a custom order. The custom shop will provide you with a quote when you or the dealer you go through contacts them.

  5. How do I place an order for the pegasus 6 bridge pickup with the matte black metal covering online?

    1. The best way to do this would be to contact your local Seymour Duncan dealer and have them place the order for you with our custom shop.

  6. great thing they offer chrome cover , they can be use as direct swap for GIbson les paul standard. i think ill order a Sh-4 chrome for my les paul . already have a chrome sh-6 on another les paul but i had to go custom shop to have it done 2 years ago . i might be interested in the JB sh-4 in chrome . is the JB good on a les paul ??

    1. The covers are actually nickel-plated, not chromed, but they should match a Les Paul hardware very nicely.
      You can order any standard production humbucker from us with a nickel cover.

      1. ok thats very unfortunate .. last time i had to go to the custom shop to have a chrome cover install .. cost a couple dollars with shipping and everything . Its just sad that you dont have it as a regular production .. they would make great replacement for Les paul who have mostly chrome hardware .. chrome doesnt stain or rust or age even after many years . I use mostly the bridge pickup on my les paul .. i would switch it for another one but the neck is chrome so i dont wanna mix the pair .. the nickel will stain and spot while the chrome will still be perfect . But i understand your decision to not put chrome hardware as a regular production . But it would be nice though .

        1. Actually, chrome does age. But unlike Nickel, which wears gradually and tarnishes over time, chrome becomes pitted and starts to chip away.

    1. Shop floor custom pickups do cost a little more than standard production pickups, but the difference is small, and still considerably less expensive than full-on 1-off customs.

  7. Can you get double cream if they are covered?
    Can you order a set of whole lotta humbuckers unpotted?

  8. Could i have, say, a set of Paralell axis trembuckers in yellow? or Nazgul/Sentient? really want some yellow humbuckers for my yellow ibanez RG, but only Invaders avaliable with trem spacing,

  9. Hi there, is it possible to order a Nazgul/Sentient 7 string set with DOUBLE RED pickup covers?

  10. If i order a Chrome cover Duncan distortion SH-6 from the floor custom through my local dealer .. does it come with wax potted or i need to specified it ?? is it extra charge for the wax potted .

  11. Can you guys flatten the magnets on the malmsteen pickups? I’m using them on a guitar with a 12″ radius so i’d like to be able to potentially adjust them a little closer to the strings. If so what is the cost for something like that?

  12. Hey Seymour Duncan is it possible to order a JB with a black cover BUT instead of the normal font logo is it an option that I can put the little Seymour Duncan S logo on the bottom like the emty blackouts?

    1. I don’t see why not. Contact the Custom Shop and let them know what you want, and they will let you know what they can do.

      1. I don’t think I will need a full Custom shop I was actually just looking into a floor shop custom

        1. Oh, gotcha. Then you would ask your local dealer to call in with what you want. They will let your dealer know if it qualifies for a Shop Floor Custom or full Custom Shop. You can also send a message to us and ask, but if it is Shop Floor Custom, usually the order is through a dealer.

  13. I would like to buy Black Chrome pickup covers. Is that possible??
    No one answers the phone at the custom shop phone number…
    Thank you
    Thank you

  14. Why do you let me sit on hold for an hour just to tell me customer service is unavailable and put me to an answering service that you never return my phone calls from? Why does the custom shop never answer the phone? Why do they also never return messages?

  15. Can you get a black winter with a black matte cover and the logo in gothic letters like in the normal black winter? Is there any extra cost?

  16. I’d like to order some pickups:
    JM Fury Neck
    YJM Fury Middle
    Full Shred SH10 Bridge
    All 3 in Aged White, is that possible?

  17. I’d like to order some pickups:
    YJM Fury Neck
    YJM Fury Middle
    Full Shred SH10 Bridge
    All 3 in Aged White, is that possible?

  18. I’d like to order some pickups:
    JM Fury Neck
    YJM Fury Middle
    Full Shred SH10 Bridge
    All 3 in Aged White, is that possible?
    Guitar I use: Stratocaster HSS

  19. Hey, is it possible to get 7 string versions of the 59/Custom Hybrid and the Stag Mag as shopfloor customs? Thanks!

  20. Hi,
    I’d like to have a couple of red humbuckers for an aesthetic customization.
    So…really no chances to have a RED trembucker TB4?? (as stated in section 2)

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